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2009 RAMP Documents Archive

Comments and legal documents pertaining to the ISDRA 2009 RAMP.

2009 RAMP Documents Files

Arthur Phillips comments on DRAMP and EIS

  • Comments on ISD DRAMP and EIS written by Arthur M. Phillips, III, Ph.D. dated June 6, 2010.

Haas comments on ISDRA DRAMP

  • Comments on the ISDRA Draft RAMP written by Dr. Glenn E. Haas. Document dated July 17, 2010.

Final ASA DRAMP Comments

  • Final comments written by the ASA on the 2009 DRAMP. Document dated August 4, 2010.

ASA letter on final DRAMP comments

  • Letter from the ASA regarding the March 2010 DRAMP and DEIS for the ISDRA. Document dated August 4, 2010.