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The Advisory Committee consists of past presidents, chairmen, and founders.

Vincent Brunasso — ASA Co-Founder

Desert rat since early 06's - duner since 1980. Self employed from age 20 on -- focus on real estate. Started Glamis On Line website in 1998 to bring awareness of rules, safety, and land closure issues pertaining to ISDRA.

Bob Mason — Past President

Bob moved to Arizona in 1947 from Ohio at 14 and has been involved in OHV activity all of his life. He started duning in the early 60's and has camped everywhere at ISDRA. Bob and wife Sharon have four children and eight grandchildren. He retired from the Salt River Project (water and power reclamation project) as the Manager of Water Planning after 38 years in various water and power operating and planning positions. Building off-road vehicles has been his hobby forever: VW, Corvair, Pinto, Buick, Chevy and currently a Donovan V8 have powered several unique and original creations. Water pumpers are the preferred power plant.

Grant George — Past President

You might say Grant George was born into the off road lifestyle when his parents Gil and Geri George founded Funco Motorsports in 1967. They often visited the dunes as a family, in the early years they were camping north of Hwy 78. Today he is the General Manager/ Partner in Funco Motorsports. He resides in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with his wife Lori and his 2 children, Brynn 23 and Chad 19. He still passionately lives the lifestyle, visiting the ISDRA 10-12 times per year. You can find him camping on Gecko Rd with all three generations of duners.

Jerry Seaver — ASA Co-Founder

Retired in 1990; was a general contractor in the Phoenix area. He is married to Chris, has two children; Jill and Jason. As a family, we have been going to the Imperial Sand Dunes since 1973. They have had several types of sand toys over the years, started with a VW sand rail; added Honda three wheelers in 1975; built a Mazda powered four seater the same year; had a Pinto sand rail and then a Corvair mid engine rail which was sold in 1999, traded the three wheelers for Quads in 1989 and bought first Honda Pilot in 1990, added a Tazcar when they first started making them but now we use Pilots, and a Golf cart for recreation at the dunes. We spend approximately 50 days a year at the dunes, enjoying smooth sand and the good times with friends and family. The kids are grown up now but we still spend time at the dunes with their families.