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Board of

The BOD is the main governing body of the American Sand Association.

Casey Cordeiro — President

Casey Cordeiro has been a photojournalist and PR/Marketing Specialist in the powersports and automotive industries for over ten years. His passion for off-road and family adventures started when he was a kid. At two years old, he was riding his LT80 and enjoying family time in the dunes of Glamis several times a month. Because he was enjoying "sandy toes" at a young age, he has a lifelong love for the sand. These days, he is regularly out enjoying the dunes with his family and friends.

As a graduate from Northern Arizona University, Casey was engrained on the media side of the industry by working on the PR team at Kawasaki soon after graduating. He also enjoyed his time at KC HiLiTES heading up the marketing department for several years before going back to his roots in the editorial and photo/video world. Now, he leads his own creative agency, TGH Creative, and loves to share his passion for off-road adventure with others. This passion also gives him the drive to keep our off-roading destinations open for many future generations to enjoy. Casey will utilize his passion for off-road and skills of connecting people together to expand the reach of the ASA and bring in new ideas for programs in and out of the dunes for the ASA.

Jim Bramham - Chairman of the Board

Jim’s love affair with the dunes started in 1964 in the Oregon dunes on a family vacation. He and his family have continued to enjoy dune recreation at a variety of locations throughout the west, including Oceano, Sand Mountain, Glamis, Dumont, and the Coral Pinks. He became active in the political side of OHV in the 1980’s. He is a Past President of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, a former Commissioner on the OHMVR Commission overseeing the OHMVR Program and serves on the Dumont and ISDRA (Glamis) Desert Advisory Subgroups. Jim has been a board member of ASA for the last 8 years with an emphasis on legal, legislative, and governmental relations. Jim lives in Sacramento, California and is blessed to have three wonderful grandchildren to whom he has introduced to our sport. “Grandpa, when are we going to the sand dunes?”

Sylvia Bermudez

Sylvia grew up in Imperial County, in the small town of Westmorland.  She recalls riding her older brother’s motorcycles and three-wheelers at a young age.  Sylvia’s love for the dunes began at an early age.  As a kid, her family would spend Sunday afternoons riding three-wheelers at Superstition, Plaster City, and the Ocotillo area.  Sylvia still frequents Ocotillo Wells, Superstition, Glamis, and Gordon Wells with family and friends.  

Sylvia’s love for the dunes has continued over the years and is largely why she joined the ASA in the fall of 2022.  Sylvia hopes to work with her fellow board members, using her background and years of experience in local government to preserve the rights of all dune lovers and off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the desert recreation areas. Sylvia will work with the ASA to help build relationships with key stakeholders in Imperial County and surrounding areas.

Kerry Griggs

Kerry grew up riding three-wheelers (big balloon tires and no suspension) in the mountains and high deserts of Utah. He was introduced to the sand dunes after moving to Arizona in the mid 1990’s. All it took was one visit to Gordon’s Well. By the following season, Kerry’s family was geared up and ready to go. They make several trips to the ISDRA every season.

Kerry and his wife spend most of the time in their buggy, with their children following on quads and motorcycles. Riding solo up Patton or Test Hill is an important part of growing up in the Griggs family. They also enjoy yearly trips to the Sand Sports Super Show. Kerry has been practicing law in Phoenix since 1995. He became acquainted with the ASA by doing some volunteer legal projects for the organization. Through these efforts, he quickly came to embrace the ASA’s vision and mission, which he hopes to advance through his service on the Board.

Bob Ham

Bob Ham was elected to the ASA board in May and appointed to the position of Legislative Affairs Director for the ASA in June. Bob worked professionally with legislation in California and the US Congress for 35 years. This included 6 years as a consultant for policy committees in the CA Assembly and 2 years with the state senate. He will use the insight he gained during his professional work with policy makers to assist in advancing the public policy goals of the ASA and off road recreation community. Bob was bitten by “offroaditis” in the mid-60’s and has been working to preserve the rights to use the desert and open lands ever since. In 2006, Bob was honored to be inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. We are honored to have Bob Ham serve on the ASA Board of Directors.

Pat McArdle

Pat grew up in the midwest and wasn't introduced to the dunes until 2013, at which point he was hooked even though it was mid-August and well over 110 degrees outside! His love of riding stems from many different styles of powersports including ATV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and his current favorite, any RZR he can get his hands on! Although he would love to spend more time in the dunes each year, he generally makes it down to Glamis for Camp RZR and possibly one other trip throughout the season.

Pat has spent the past 14 years in various roles at Polaris. He started out as an engineer and has held roles in engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, and currently leads the product planning team for RZR. He brings a wealth of industry experience across a variety of geographies and terrains, but his favorite riding is definitely in the dunes!

Pat strives to help keep new riders informed about dune safety and loves to help them experience their first ride out to the hill! He brings both business acumen as well as an OEM perspective to the ASA.

Executive Committee

Dave Kuskie — Executive Director

Phone (949) 685-8203

I’ve been duning at Glamis since the early 80s, camping in the washes behind Clean Genes during the early part of the season, then camping over near “Dirty Bob” Gilles shop during the hotter times to ride with and follow behind his infamous Buick V8 powered wheelie machine. I have ridden and driven everything you could imagine in the dunes from dirt bikes, 3 wheelers (ran over myself every weekend on those!), quads, jeeps, buggies and now SXSs. OHVs are a passion for myself and my family, which includes my 5 kids and 5 grandkids. Our Thanksgiving tradition is to come together as a family, camping and riding.

During all my years at Fullerton Sand Sports and then as promoter of UTV Invasion, I was given the opportunity to meet, do business, and ride with a lot of great enthusiasts and companies in the OHV community. Since my specialty in the industry was sand tire setup, I got the opportunity to go to all the major sand duning areas in the US to learn about what makes each destination unique. To be able to enjoy the duning experience with so many people with the same passion about our sport and our communities across the whole country is something that I will never forget.

One thing in common in almost all the areas is the continual fight to be able to keep these areas open and accessible to us. We need to educate our OHV community, and to support those trying to keep our riding areas open. Everyone can do their part by leaving your camp cleaner than when you got there, ride with respect for others and for the places you ride, and by giving of your time and/or money to those organizations standing up for access.

Nikki Massie Daniels — Secretary & Office

Nikki has taken on the role of Secretary, as well as continuing her duties with membership and merchandise, as she is the person behind our web store! Going to Glamis since 1973 with her parents and sister’s family, she met her husband online talking about the dunes, meeting in-person there for the first time on Thanksgiving in 1998. They now have two children ages 8 and 11.