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#7 - Why I volunteered - to protect my right to ride

#7 - Why I volunteered - to protect my right to ride

| Jim Colln

It started at the Barstow meeting that I attended with some fellow R&R Duners club members. We drove to Barstow from LA to discover the dunes were now closed! You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium when announced. Right after the meeting I joined every off-road group in attendance; ASA, CORVA, BlueRibbon Coalition and the San Diego Off-Road Coalition. I was mad; our favorite place was now closed. In 1994 we had lost our favorite camping spot of 10 years in “the wedge” thanks to new Senator Feinstein and the designation of the Wilderness area north of highway 78.

I attended one of the first meetings for the ASA at founder Vince Brunasso’s house. I wanted to help, my family wanted to help. For the next 15 years plus, we all volunteered in many ways. We helped organize other members, we shipped out the ASA Store merchandise and worked many shows & events. I became the second ASA Business Sponsor director, contacting all those that had a stake in the dunes to help us. I later became the ASA Newsletter editor and chairman for many years. I also served on the Board of Directors.

We very well could have lost access to the entire Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area back in 2000, but instead we stood up and pushed back. Every volunteer effort came with meeting others that loved the dunes as our family did. It was a win/win for all and a Super Happy Day when the majority of the stakes came up! Pulling up the stakes that had kept us duners out of 49,000 acres for 14 years was just the end of one battle and now the next generation of leaders and volunteers of the ASA have taken on the fight to stand up for OHV access. They need your help to continue the mission to maintain and regain access for everyone who loves the freedom of duning, so please contribute as a volunteer or a Supporting Member. Ask the businesses you patronize if they support the ASA, and if not, then why not? It will take all of us working together to keep dune areas open for years to come.

Jim Colln

Jim's first trip to Glamis was Thanksgiving of 1984, it was love at first site. Camping with family and friends at the dunes ever since. Our family has traveled to play in the dunes at; Glamis, Dumont, Oceano, Oregon, Coral Pink, St. Anthony's, Sand Mountain UT and NV. Jim served a term on the ASA Board of Directors and was VP Administration on the California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) board for many years. Jim was awarded the 2nd ASA JRS Volunteer Recognition award and named the CORVA Off Roader of the Year in 2008. Founding member of the R&R Duners club and currently serves as club Secretary. R&R Duners started the first Glamis Poker Run and has donated over $25,000 to the ASA and other Off Road organizations.