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#11 - A friend of the American Sand Association: Why I volunteer!

#11 - A friend of the American Sand Association: Why I volunteer!

| Doug Gallinger

My name is Doug Gallinger at the age of six my dad put me in a go-kart and at the age of 13 he bought me a basket case Kawasaki 90 motorcycle. Hense learning how to fix things. It was all over then. Since then 6 motorcycles 4 three wheelers 4 quads 4 sand rails. I learned to love and respect our lands from my dad.

My first trip to the dunes was in 1982 with an old friend, Eldon Steele. He introduced me to his family and friends who had been duning for 20 years. I learned from the best. We enjoyed many trips together we rode from Buttercup to Glamis via the Dunes many times. Memories never to be forgotten. 

In 1999 when the center of the sand dunes was closed it hit a nerve with me. I became a supporter of the American Sand Association way back when. We have to fight or we will lose our riding areas in this case the sand dunes. 

Perfect example, I have owned a home in Rocky Point Mexico 28 years now. 30 miles from my home in Choya bay Mexico is the far southern tip of our sand dunes. It's been closed for 25 years to off-roading because of the Mexican environmentalist. Mexico the most liberal countries in the world closed thier Dunes believe me if we don't fight we will lose our dunes too. 

I became a volunteer in 2012 and participated in the many events over the years. Being a volunteer for the American Sand Association allows me to focus my energy on something for future generations to enjoy. We have to fight or we will lose our right to ride as they are slowly taking away our riding areas in this case our sand dunes. 

We have so many supporters that have given so much over the years to our fight Joe Fab Sand Limo 4 sand rails, Monster Energy, Funco, Can-Am, Artic cat and Polaris 7 cars maybe more and so many more that I didn't mention. The millions of dollars raised for our fight from raffle sales and supporters. Did I mention our staff is mostly volunteer and thousands of volunteer man-hours.  Years come and go we are always looking for new volunteers and new energy. There has been hundreds of volunteers over the years doing all sorts of things to help our fight to preserve our right to ride. I am one of those many that have joined our fight to preserve our access to the Imperial Sand Dunes. 

So I asked everyone reading this to join the American Sand Association as a Supporting Member and if possible volunteer a little time at one of our events. Our fight will never stop. When the American Sand Association stops fighting the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity will be back,  that's guaranteed. 

Please join the fight donate today thanks for reading Doug Gallinger owner operator Foothills Security Services 37 years license contractor State Arizona lifetime volunteer for the American sand Association.