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#12 - The ASA's reach extends far beyond the sand

#12 - The ASA's reach extends far beyond the sand

| Kerry Griggs

Did you know that the ASA's off-road advocacy doesn't stop where the sand ends? We have been hard at work over the last twenty years keeping all sorts of riding areas open. A lot of specific efforts have been focused in California and Arizona, since that seems to be where many of the serious challenges occur. We have worked in Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, Lark Canyon, Apple Valley and the Cinders, just to name a few. Just as importantly, we have battled general issues that have risked impacting OHV recreation nationwide. This has required the ASA to actively oppose efforts to expand endangered species listings, prevent the encroachment into OHV areas by renewable energy programs, oppose burdensome regulations on off-road businesses, redirect air quality debates toward hard science, and keep OHV taxpayer funding where it is supposed to stay. Over the years, the ASA has formed strategic alliances with other OHV groups, government-relations professionals and industry leaders. We are particularly proud of our coordination and work with the Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, which has helped land-preservation groups recognize that off-roaders can be important joint stewards of America's public landscapes. Through all these efforts, the ASA has been a key player in many important victories during the organization's first twenty years. With your help, we can keep up the work for many more years to come.

Kerry Griggs

Kerry grew up riding three-wheelers (big balloon tires and no suspension) in the mountains and high deserts of Utah. He was introduced to the sand dunes after moving to Arizona in the mid 1990’s. All it took was one visit to Gordon’s Well. By the following season, Kerry’s family was geared up and ready to go. They make several trips to the ISDRA every season.

Kerry and his wife spend most of the time in their buggy, with their children following on quads and motorcycles. Riding solo up Patton or Test Hill is an important part of growing up in the Griggs family. They also enjoy yearly trips to the Sand Sports Super Show. Kerry has been practicing law in Phoenix since 1995. He became acquainted with the ASA by doing some volunteer legal projects for the organization. Through these efforts, he quickly came to embrace the ASA’s vision and mission, which he hopes to advance through his service on the Board.