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#15 - We're the Kellenbergers

#15 - We're the Kellenbergers

| The Kellenbergers

We first started Off-roading as kids. Growing up camping and riding with our parents, by instinct we continued sharing these experiences with our own kids.

The grown-up toys progressed from 3-wheel ATV’s to sand rails and full-size Bronco four-wheeling. Our three girls have had dirt bikes and quads through the years, riding along side with us, dirt and dune. They enjoy the time spent with their sisters, but also with our dune and riding family.


Through the years each trip to the dunes is different and special. Thanksgiving week with the kids, a meet up with ride family, adult weekend with lifelong friends, the whole family scrambles to change schedules to come. What started and evolved into our favorite times keep us planning trips as a family.

I could say we have been more richly blessed than blessed with riches. We scraped to get our first off road vehicles and take our kids out with us. It was truck rides and tent nights. We didn’t have a lot to give, so we gave of ourselves in our time. We made it to events as a family. We are always so welcomed and already enjoy going to events supported in the off-roading community. It was easy to just talk to others at Barrett Jackson, NASCAR events, sand sport super shows about our common interest and how we can all help inform, unite and mobilize.

Our enthusiasm was contagious and I do believe this little red head may have outdone the best of us on many occasion.

The Kellenbergers

"We’re the Kellenbergers" was written by Kathleen Kellenberger with husband Andrew and three daughters, Kassandra, Kylie and Katelyn.  The Kellenbergers volunteered for the ASA starting in 2010 at events in Arizona and California supporting various awareness and fund raising events. In 2014 the family was nominated for the Jerry Seaver Award recognizing volunteer efforts dedicated to the ASA. The Kellenberger’s continue to support the off-roading community as ASA members and active enthusiasts.