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ASA Board

The ASA's motto is to "Unite, Inform and Mobilize" the duning community. The DID YOU KNOW (DYK) series was initiated by the ASA to inform duners by taking a look back at the history of OHV land management and the impact it has on recreation opportunities today. 

The DYK series, by ASA leaders, volunteers, and supporters past and present, features stories about the ASA’s formation, lesser known riding areas, as well as the culture of the dune enthusiast community and the volunteers working to keep that culture alive and well. 

Over 20 years ago, the ASA founders embarked on a battle to regain 49,000 acres at ISDRA with a distinct disadvantage. The ASA was a brand-new organization, and everyone had to learn how to fight.  We had to raise funds, develop relationships, and find lawyers, scientists and other experts willing to work with us.  We have learned a lot since June of 2000, and we want to make sure those lessons are not lost.  The DYK series is designed to INFORM the next generation of duners to be prepared to PROTECT your right to ride on public land. 

Be assured OHV adversaries are waiting for the opportunity to limit your right to ride. The most recent assault on OHV recreation at the Oceano Dunes SVRA is a perfect example.  With the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (SLO APCD) and the California Coastal Commission on one side, and the OHV advocacy groups on the other, Oceano thas become the latest front for the fight over air quality and endangered species versus access to public land.  It is up to all of us to step up and make our voices heard, not only with the politicians in Sacramento and DC, but with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, with the Coastal Commission, and with the SLO APCD.  We are a silent majority that needs to find our voice before we find our playgrounds locked away forever.

Our hope is that the DYK series will serve as a tool to inspire and guide the next generation of OHV advocates.  A total of 18  articles have been posted so far; please click on the link below to see them all:

ASA will post a new DYK article every Monday and send you an update reminder via email. Please support this ASA program. Keep your friends informed. Forward this and future DYK emails and post this to your Social Media accounts. Please ask your friends to contact ASA to get on the direct DYK email.  


About the ASA Board

The American Sand Association's Board of Directors primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride.

  • President Bryan Henry

Board of Directors

  • Jim Bramham
  • Bob Ham
  • Kerry Griggs
  • Casey Cordeiro
  • Pat McArdle
  • Katrina Roalson
  • Dave Kuskie

Advisory Committee

  • Jerry Seaver
  • Bob Mason
  • Vincent Brunasso
  • Grant George

Secretary Nikki Daniels