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#25 - Without your involvement -- you lose -- Join the team!

#25 - Without your involvement -- you lose -- Join the team!
ASA Board

We hope you are READING the ASA KNOWLEDGE IS POWER educational series. Our goal is to inform the Off-Road Community, both business and motorized recreation participants. 

At this point we hope you recognize that ongoing threats to OHV are real, and in some cases self-imposed.

Amongst the self-imposed OHV threats are trash and dust; both are within direct visitor control.  PACK IT OUT and hold the SPEED DOWN on trails leading to the dune riding area.

ASA is the single most successful OHV Advocacy organization. In 2014, 40,000 acres of Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area was re-opened after a closure that had been in place for 14 years. 

To accomplish this ASA must raise funds, develop relationships with land managers and other advocacy groups, and find lawyers, scientists and other experts necessary to successfully defend OHV recreation. All this requires a great deal of time, both in volunteer and staff hours, and costs money. We cannot accomplish our mission and reach our goal without the backing of our Supporting Members and Business Sponsors. 

Let's not Lose this Fight, 

Join the ASA TEAM

Just in case your ASA Supporting Membership or Business Sponsorship has lapsed click on the following link to renew your support of ASA.






About the ASA Board

The American Sand Association's Board of Directors primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride.

  • President Bryan Henry

Board of Directors

  • Jim Bramham
  • Bob Ham
  • Kerry Griggs
  • Casey Cordeiro
  • Pat McArdle
  • Katrina Roalson
  • Dave Kuskie

Advisory Committee

  • Jerry Seaver
  • Bob Mason
  • Vincent Brunasso
  • Grant George

Secretary Nikki Daniels