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#27: Glamis Black Bag Project KEEP YOUR YARD CLEAN

#27: Glamis Black Bag Project KEEP YOUR YARD CLEAN

| David Karbginsky

Glamis volunteers rewarded with the Glamis Black Bag Project (GBBP), also now known as  “Bags for Swag” keeping our dunes safe, clean, beautiful and most importantly, open!  David and Jenn Karbginsky of ASA show us how to make a difference.

What we now know as the Glamis Black Bag Project (GBBP) has grown beyond what we had ever intended it to be. 

As with other things in our life, we wanted to make a difference, so one day after a holiday weekend in Glamis when we saw an abundance of trash that was left behind by others, we decided that day to clean up the trash because it felt personal; it is literally our front and back yard.  My wife Jenn and I grabbed some black trash bags and got to cleaning, first Vendor Row and then the flats behind.  We decided to clean up the dunes every Monday after the weekend because we live here and we had time so, why not; that’s when the GBBP craze was born.

With a bit of word-of-mouth, our project spread to Olds, Comp Hill and into the washes. We then reached out to our many friends in the industry who have a good reach into the community and asked if they would like to assist us in promoting cleanliness and keeping Glamis beautiful.  It has blossomed from there.  We started receiving donations of trash bags, buckets, and gloves and then, most importantly volunteers started to show up.  Then we started to receive swag, such as shirts, hats, and stickers that we were told to give to whomever brings you a bag of “dune trash”.  That’s when we knew we were on the right track!  We coined the term “Bags for Swag” and reached out to our community on social media to promote the project and before we knew it, we had more and more people bringing us trash and receiving instant rewards for their efforts.  We now have a lot of companies who support the project with a variety of items, small to large, and this allows us to reward volunteers even more. 

Keeping Our Dunes Safe, Clean and Open

The GBBP doesn’t only focus on trash, we support the entire community including the ASA and Bureau of Land Management whose efforts are to keep Glamis safe, clean, beautiful and most importantly OPEN for us all, for many years to come.  We work with these organizations to encourage the off-road community to be better and do better. GBBP has become a tight community, we are family and with the support of everyone who visits our sand dunes we can keep this place one of the greatest places for OHV recreation in the continental United States.

We give many thanks to those that have and continue to support GBBP and the ASA and encourage all to #KeepGlamisBeautiful.