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Aerial view of campers at Oceano SVRA

ASA and Ecologic are working to preserve OHV riding at Oceano

| Kerry Griggs | Latest News

The American Sand Association, as part of the Ecologic coalition, is hard at work trying to re-establish normal OHV recreation at Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area. Ecologic has hired legal counsel and is actively engaged in all aspects of the surrounding administrative and legal process.

Unfortunately, various private and public OHV-opponents are trying to take advantage of the temporary COVID closures to reduce or eliminate RV camping and off-road recreation at Oceano.  For this round, the opposition is focusing on alleged air quality concerns and two federally-listed endangered species (the snowy plover and the California least tern).

We need all those who care about quality off-road riding areas to come together and help us challenge their efforts.  It takes a lot of time and money to wade through the rhetoric and keep the focus on the science. To assist, please consider a donation, sponsorship, membership or renewal with the American Sand Association or any of its Ecologic partners using the links below.

OHV use and camping at Oceano have been a part of the culture in the area for over 70 years.  These activities have been attacked many times, but OHV enthusiasts have scored several victories.  One of the most significant victories came in front of a California Appeals Court in 2012, after the Sierra Club sued the California Department of Parks and Recreation, alleging that continued use of OHV’s and RV’s in the area violated the Coastal Act.  The Court of Appeals disagreed and found that the law effectively incorporated and allowed longstanding OHV use in the dunes.

Ecologic is working hard to make sure that this opinion and other OHV-friendly rules, regulations and traditions are honored.  In connection with these efforts, Ecologic’s attorneys are coordinating with other OHV organizations to ensure that your contributions are used as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Please join us in this battle.

Ecologic Partners, Inc. is a consortium of off-highway vehicle organizations that work to protect and expand meaningful recreation opportunities on public and private land. Partners include the American Sand Association, Off Road Business Association (ORBA) and District 37 Competition American Motorcyclist Association. 

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