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DEADLINE APPROACHING - Another land grab by anti-access groups

| Celeste Staggs | Latest News

The Bureau of Land Management intends to lease land for conservation as a legitimate use of public lands. Off-road recreation, along with mining and other activities vital to our national security, would be prohibited under such leases. This is in direct opposition to the multiple-use mandate under which the BLM operates.

We already have Wilderness Areas and Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) that preclude any land use. In addition, BLM wants even greater latitude in declaring what lands are to be considered as an ACEC.

This is simply another land grab by the well-funded anti-access groups. Keep in mind that their goal is to lock up 30% of America’s land by 2030.

Legislation has been introduced to put a stop to this new BLM rule. Go to the Blue Ribbon Coalition’s website to voice your support to your legislators.

You can comment on the new BLM rule. You have until July 5 to do so at the Americans for Responsible Recreational Access website.

All the work is done for you at both websites. Just a few clicks and you can help take a stand.


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