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Tired of buying California's out-of-state registration?

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As you probably know, California requires the purchase and display of a California out-of-state registration on Arizona licensed OHVs operated in California.

This is not California's fault! For well over twenty years each state recognized the registration of the other. Recent changes in Arizona law (AZ Revised Statute 28-1177 enacted in 2018) have caused California green stickered registered vehicles to no longer be recognized as registered by the Arizona authorities.

In response, California passed legislation that says they will only accept registration from states that recognize theirs. This requirement will automatically repeal if Arizona reverts back to its original law.

It is time the good people of Arizona inform their legislators and Governor that this misguided  legislation needs to be revisited. ASA encourages all Arizona citizens to contact their legislator and the Governor's office by phone, email or letter about this unfair taxation.

As written and enforced, what was intended to punish California has become a cash cow for California at the expense of Arizona OHV owners.

Don't be fooled or mislead! Arizonans are the key to fixing this!  ASA, looking out for Duners since 2000!


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