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Center for Biological Diversity sues over OHV use at Oregon Dunes

| Aaron Richardson, UTV Driver | Latest News

Reprinted from UTV Driver, June 17, 2024

The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the US Forest Service for continuing to allow off-road vehicle access to the Oregon Dunes. The suit says that by allowing off-road vehicles in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the forest service failed to protect endangered coastal marten habitat.

The center alleged that the forest service hasn’t done enough to limit OHV use in the dunes. OHVs, according to the suit, tear up marten habitat, accidentally kill martens by hitting them, and disturb them with excessive noise. The marten is a small carnivore similar to a weasel. According to the center, there are about 400 left in the wild in a few isolated places, including 71 martens at Oregon Dunes. The martens and their habitat are protected in the Oregon Dunes under the Endangered Species Act.

In a press release announcing the suit, the center specifically called out UTV Takeover events scheduled for this summer as evidence of the forest service mismanaging the dunes. There are Takeovers scheduled at Coos Bay and Winchester Bay later this summer.

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