Newbie with a few questions

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Newbie with a few questions

Post by RoushRacing6N17 »

I decided i want to build my own streetlegal rail. I am gonna start with a bought new frame and work up. I need to get a book or somthing to do this project step by step without messing up, though i am mechanically inclinded I am not a pro or as good as most even. I basically just wanted to find out what the best book to buy is to build one of these things. I want a VW powered rail if that makes a difference. A website to buy the book from would be nice too. Figured that this would be easier than asking one of yall to list all the stuff i need to buy for this thing but if you want to put in some info for me that would be nice too. Thanks in advance

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Post by Sandemon »

Try and find a book called Baja Bugs and Buggys by Jeff Hubbard he has a lot of good info, even if it is geared more towards the Baja Bugs. You will need more help than a book can provide so if at all possible try to find people in your area that have built buggys or other toys before or plan on coming here often for advice :twisted: 8) :)
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Post by NOSJunkie »

The wife bought me a few of these books for x-mas and they came from Thought i was going to build one and found too good a deal to pass on so I bought a complete rail.....
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Post by TLB »

Books & magazines are an endless source of information. You might check with others in your area who have a street legal rail to see just what is needed to pass the certification process for your state.

Here in Michigan mine needed to have a glass windshield, a windshield wiper, headlights & taillights, side marker lights, brake lights, directional lights, parking brakes, & seatbelts to get a "roadster" title.

Having a roadster title ment that I didn't have to have fenders covering the tire's.

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