Beware! Mobile 1 Filters

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Beware! Mobile 1 Filters

Post by sandhead »

I went down to my local Auto Zone to buy an oil filter. I heard & read great things about the new Mobile 1 filter. So I bought an M1-301, which is the HP1 equivalent. After I bought it, I took a look at it to see why it's so great and so expensive.

I couldn't believe my eyes :shock: after taking a glance at the business end of the filter.. it was contaminated with metal chips. It looked as though the factory cut the threads for the pipe nipple mount as the final manufacturing step and placed it in the retail box (no cleaning or anything).

So I took it back and complained and inspected every M1-301 on the shelf with the store manager. They had four on the shelf and all of them had metal chips in and around the opening. The manager did the right thing and stuffed them in the back of the store for return.

I called the mobile 1 customer service number (800-882-0890) to inform them about the issue. They seemed concerned, but who knows.

I ended up buying a K&N for $12.99. No metal shavings or chips.

Beware! Inspect your new filter before installation (especially Mobile 1). I'd hate to here about someone trashing an engine due to a poorly manufactured filter.

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For years now I get these Baldwin filters...


The strongest filters I have found. I used to blow off an oil filter when cold,,, never with this one... 8)
I get them from a Heavy Duty truck parts place. Last price was $8.75 each.
Microlite Full-Flow Heavy-Duty Lube Spin-on

Notes : Can be used in racing applications.

Contains : Anti-Drainback Valve
20 PSI By-Pass Valve Standpipe
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Post by r erfert »

Good to know...
I had the blow off problem with the Fram brand years back on a remote filter set up on a VW and switched to a Bosch filter for the Rabbit Diesel (they are a thinner diameter and hold more pressure) problem solved.

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