need help.....2.5L ford ranger needs to be on my rail

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need help.....2.5L ford ranger needs to be on my rail

Post by baggedsuperduty »

So i bought my first sand rail about a month ago. Long story short the 2.0L pinto motor wasnt in good shape. A buddy told me that a 2.3L ford mustang or ranger motor will bolt right up. So i found one on craigslist and was told it was a 2.3L but come to find out its a 99 2.5L. So yesterday i got the adapter plate and vw fly wheel bolted on (after machining and drilling and fabricating) and ready to bolt onto my rail, but im not sure the best way to wire my rail for this fuel injected motor. Anyone got any wiring diagrams or easy ways of accomplishing this task. thanks in advance

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Re: need help.....2.5L ford ranger needs to be on my rail

Post by jhitesma »

Well, I know I already replied to your PM - but there's a bit more info here so I figured I'd give a bit better of a response :)

If it's an EEC-IV motor (and being a '99 2.5 I have no idea if it is or isn't but I'm going to guess it isn't) then your best bet is to just stick with the stock computer. See my older posts about the 2.3 swap in my rail for info about what can be eliminated. (whenever I finally tear the car down for paint I'm going to do a final cleanup on the loom and will document it here...but who knows when I'll have the time or need to do that. It's working and I hate to mess with it now that it's working!)

If as I suspect it's a newer engine computer then things could be quite a bit more complex. In that case or if you don't have the stock computer I'd seriously suggest looking into a Megasquirt. I built one and wired it for my manx, and while the manx is still a work in progress that hasn't actually been driven in over 4 years the computer did work and was one of the easier parts of the project for me so far. There's still a lot of final wiring cleanup for me to do but it all depends on how the suspension and body work changes I've been working on end up not any issues with the computer.

The thread where I installed the megasquirt into my manx is here: ... 13&t=19257

Things have changed quite a bit in the megasquirt community since I built mine, I'm not sure what the current version is and what the best options are. But even the old version I used worked great.

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