what to do with my rail motor

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what to do with my rail motor

Post by dunerider250r »

i have a ford 2.0 in my rail now,doing some work on it to produce more power but keep it from blowing up, need some ideas on what to do to motor to make that 2.0 rock, any ideas?

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Re: what to do with my rail motor

Post by jhitesma »

Best advice I can give is to trade it in for a 2.3 :)

My car came with a 2.0. After several years of headaches and two rebuilds I swapped to a 2.3 - haven't had a single problem and the stock 2.3 performs better than the built 2.0 ever did. Going from needing AV or Race gas to pump gas is nice too.

Your existing 2.0 adapter plate will work (you'll just have to enlarge 2 holes on it) but you will need a new flywheel if you go that route.

2.0 parts are just getting too hard to find and too expensive when you do find them.

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