Raffle car BLITZ!!! South Dunes Thanksgiving weekend

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Raffle car BLITZ!!! South Dunes Thanksgiving weekend

Post by Sloppyduner »

Our Sand Limo Raffle car will be out on display at Broken Bike in Butter Cup over Thanksgiving weekend. The people at Broken Bike are AWESOME for giving us this space. We don't feel that they should have to take time out of the busiest weekend of the season to sell our raffle tickets.

Here is what I would like to do about it. Friday day/night and Saturday set up some people to go down there and sell tickets. I don't mean sit there and wait for people to come up and ask for a ticket. I mean shove tickets in peoples faces, rip money out of their pockets and steal their kids college funds for tickets. OK maybe not THAT extreme but pretty close. I plan on coming down from Wash 23 at least Friday and Saturday night.

I know you guys go down there to ride, and hang with friends and family....bring em with you. Bring a cooler filled with your favorite beverage (eat first though). Saturday, during the day, as I see it, will be the hardest time to "man" the car. Who knows maybe I'll get down there and my chest will hurt so much I won't feel like riding, but I'm NOT going to count on that. Maybe the dunes will be so tore up I won't want to ride my new KFX...I doubt that.

MAYBE a few from the North dunes would want to make a trip out of riding down to butter cup, hanging out for an hour, selling tickets, then drive back. Maybe some might even want to drive in from Yuma???? Who knows?

All I know is the car will be at a GREAT location , Finally in the South dunes, and I feel it is our chance to do something for the ASA.

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Re: Raffle car BLITZ!!! South Dunes Thanksgiving weekend

Post by Woodglue »

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