Vertex Standard - VX-3200 Pin Outs.

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Vertex Standard - VX-3200 Pin Outs.

Post by azpyroguy » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:14 am

In case anyone cares to know... the VX-3200 Vertex Race radios have a DB9 output on the backside of radio...

These are the ones that you would mostly use to hook up your intercom and not have to buy a $60-80 premade cable, you can make one with parts from Radio Shack for about 6 bucks... and 20 min of time (or less)

Pin 2 - Output Rx Audio (you may have to solder a short on the PCB, I would test without.. mine worked without it..)

Pin 3 - Input Tx Mic Audio

Pin 5 - Ground

Pin 7 - Input PTT (Send to Ground to close circuit)

The other pins are for other purposes... and they need to be programmed to use them...

Pin 1 - Output Logic squelch (Will be effective this output during Data transmission – Inputting logic Low
level signal to the Pin #4 as the DTR signal)
High: Radio receiving the signal with the correct CTCSS or DCS.
Low: Radio not receiving the signal with the correct CTCSS or DCS.

Pin 4 - Input DTR (to switch the radio operation between dispatch operation and Data mode)
[DTR Low: Turn on the Data transmission, less than 0.5 V]
[DTR High: Turn off the Data transmission, more than 4.0 V]

Pin 6 - Output Horn alert signal (Open collector with maximum 16.0 V, 100 mA sink). (I have no idea what this does....)

Pin 8 - Output supply voltage (Need to set the solder short on the PCB)
JP1 (JP1501) Output 5.0 V (Maximum 100 mA output)
JP2(JP1502) Output 13.6 V (Maximum 100 mA output)
* Both JP1 and JP2 are not closed from the factory.

Pin 9 - Input the ignition signal of the vehicle (+12v)

This signal is for the following operation,
(1) Disable the Horn alert during the ignition is turned on.
(2) Turn on and off the radio. This function requires the solder short JP8 (JP1508).
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Re: Vertex Standard - VX-3200 Pin Outs.

Post by JAT » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:19 am

I see you haven't been active on this site... for a LOOOONG time. #-o

:idea: However, I sent ya a PM and am responding to your post... in hopes you have notification turned on.

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