cool calender

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cool calender

Post by dunemaggot »

thanks to a fellow named Jim for the killer calender. while at sand mtn on july 7 i couldn't figure out why this guy pulled up and didn't even unload his toys and ride. i later found out he was traveling state to state to all the cool dunes and promoting A.S.A. real long drive i guess.thanks to him i found out about A.S.A and i think it is way cool. looking forward to next years calender

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Flo Haynes
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Post by Flo Haynes »

Jim in one of the top volunteers and is always thinking about the ASA. He loaded his motorhome and trailer up with merchandise in order to enlighten others about the ASA. Next years calendar will be available in Sept at the Sand Show and on our website. It will include pictures from Glamis, Dumont, Pismo/Oceano Dunes and Sand Mountain, Little Sahara Sand Dunes Utah.

Always looking for pictures which will be returned when the calendar is done.

The calendar is paid for by each of the monthly sponsors--so all of it is pure profit for the ASA! Glad you are enjoying it.

What have you done to help the ASA?

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Post by OBSESSED »

Jim you didn't even unload?

Geeze you weren't waiting for us were you?

Had a great trip with you and your family...
Anyone want to go backwards down a dune?



"Got Water Balloon?"


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Hey Dunemaggot,,, glad to see you made it over It was nice meeting you and your friends.

quote:Geeze you weren't waiting for us were you? Lets see, Doug said, camp at the base of SM. This is the ONLY campground at Little Sahara that DOESN'T have a quiet time... (sounded like Glamis all night long ) Connie doesn't sleep well like that... but its music to my ears...

Yes, I unloaded the rail and went up SM to take some pics, but couldn't dune without others,,, there were only quads and bikes there and one guy that had a stuck V8 rail out in the dunes with a broken trans. I wanted to help him but without YOU there (just in case I broke down) I wasn't going to take the chance,,, I believe the BLM was going to help him out.
We checked out all the camping areas there, (only 2 campers at each site) because it was f'in HOT!!! at the dunes.
I hope to go back again in the cooler months



Post by Sandgod »

Our group got calanders from him also in Saint Anthonys on the 5th of July...It was 106 degrees today at LS, Utah.....

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Miy pics,

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Post by Desert_Rat »

If you like trail riding and camping in the cedar trees go about five miles past the main access road into Sand Mountain and make a left just past the cattle guard. You can camp all over in the trees with sandy trails that access the lower dunes. We usually go down to the edge of the cedar trees to the sagebrush flats when we camp there once or twice a year. Its about a 20 minute trip across the smaller dune to the main mountain. The small dunes are a lot of fun if you like to chase each other around and do a little jumping. They hold motorcycle cross country races in the cedar trees from the Sand Mountain area over to the Cherry Creek Reservoir area a least once a year. We like to camp here because it is more private and you can trail ride forever along with the dunning. Some of my family race their motorcycles in the cross country races from time to time and know the trails well.

Every day spent at the dunes adds two days to your life! Dune every other day and live forever!!!


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