Good ANODIZER in Escondido

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Jason G
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Good ANODIZER in Escondido

Post by Jason G »

Although I have not posted much to this BB, I do read it when I can, Usually once A day. So I thought that I would introduce myself.

My Name is Jason. I live and work in Escondido, CA. Moved Here 10 years ago. After finishing my schooling I decided to go into the family trade ( which I went to school to get out of ) But hey its what I know best. My grandfather started up a metal finishing business in the early 60's to which my father ran up till several years ago. After some family difficulties he decided to leave the business to explore other career opertunity. Thats when he approached me about opening a facility in Escondido. He gave me the old glory of owning your business speech. After discussing it with my wife (who is way smarter then I will ever be) she convinced me that with the knowledge, experience and expertise that we can combine, we should have no problem at being sucessfull.

That will be nine years ago in July. We have been sucessfull in the fact that we are still here and remain A close family business. It has been hard at times and it seems that most of the time our employees get paid more then we do (that must be the glory that dad was talking about),but I cant complain about them. We have been blessed with our help they are like family to us and have been great through all the problems a small business has, and one of the reasons we maintain such a high quality record.
Now down to the reason why I am posting this. I wanted to introduce our services to All ASA members. Now that desert season is winding down for a lot of you, you will probably be doing your off season maintenance, Which is a good time for you to get your aluminum pieces anodized. I do most colors and offer very reasonable rates. In addition to anodize I also do Chemical Film (an added corrosion inhibitor for aluminum pieces that are to be painted ), bead blasting and Passivation (for stainless steel).

If you are in need Please feel free to contact me. Just ask for Jason and mention that you are an ASA member for a 10% discount.

GEM ENTERPRISES 300 N. Andreasen Dr. Escondido, CA 92029
Phone 760-746-6616


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