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Buggy Manufacturers

Post by DesertDogs »

As most of you know from talking with me, or reading posts on the other boards; I've been planning on building a buggy for the last year.

It's a tough job, going to the various shops, making phone calls, trying to get a feeling for a car when you can't drive it, babying someone else's car when you can.

I've asked tons of questions, and heard great input from everyone out there. Alas, doesn't make it any easier.

I'd like to share a few thoughts out there with everyone, and maybe some of the manufacturers will pay heed and do better business in the future.

Things you shouldn't do:

1) The guy walks in your shop in flip-flops and shorts, sunglasses and a cap. You treat him like he's just a looky-loo. Though the guy asks questions and talks about his deires and requirements, you fail to show him do respect. End result: He leaves, still with the $15,000 he had for a down payment. Nor will he drop $40G plus on one of your cars. Collateral damage: Think he's gonna refer anyone?

2) Talk smack about other shops. No way to do business. End Result: Not what someone wants to hear, sounds like you're bashing them to cover your product flaws. Collateral Damage: Word gets around.

3) Promise test drive, but fail to deliver. Guy wonders why product is so good, when he can't see any others out there. End Result: See #1. Collateral Damage: See #1.

4) Tell someone to talk to folks in your shop, cuz you're busy on the phone. 5 minutes later, yell at your employees to get back to work; and tell person that they can only talk to you. End Result: Is this the way your customer service is going to work? Collateral Damage: Does someone really want to buy a car from soneone with a control problem?

5) Leave to play golf, do testing, whatever; but no one in shop can answer questions. Guy wonders why owner is playing "I've got a secret". End Result: Does anyone know how this car really works? Collateral Damage: If something breaks, how is this person gonna get help if you're out playing golf?

6) Show up at public event, making sure everyone notices you. Oh yeah, it's a clean-up, and you're just one of several prominent vendors there. You decide that you're too good to help. Evryone DOES notice, especially when all the other vendors are picking up trash. End Result: You want our money, but won't help to do the little things to preserve the sport; which would preserve your business? No way are you going to get someone's money. Collateral Damage: We noticed, and we talk.

7) Your camp posesses drunken fools, who wander into potential customer's camp and start **** without provocation. Sherrifs are called in, and you shrug your shoulders when asked about your friends and family's actions. End Result: No money spent on your product. Collateral Damage: Oh, you bet the word is going to get out!

8) Guy walks in shop. Everyone takes the time to answer questions, shows how everything goes together, and even talks about future developments. No smack talk about other folks, even make references to other manufacturer being a great product. Call 'potential' customer up to offer a test ride, as hard as they want, and not as a passenger. End Result: You make the "A List"! Collateral Damage: You get their business, no one else does, and they make plenty of referrals.

What is surprising is this is what actually transpired over the last year. I started with 8 of the prominent manufacturers, and 4 of the not so well known. I worked my way around the dunes, the Sand Show and the country; these folks acted in some fashion or another as stated above.

The list was narrowed down to 3, but after an recent event (repeated) in one of the shops, the list is now two. Why did I go back to that shop? Because everyone talks about how great their cars are, including the other manufacturers! But when you treat your employees and potential customers the way I saw.....you and your product aren't woth the $40G + you want. Too bad everyone else doesn't see this.

I intend to post this on the other boards...so the word will get out. Folks, when you consider plunking your hard earned cash down, think about what you've heard and how folks are treated. This is an indicator of how you're going to be treated.

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