Take action now: Help stop the ban on youth model OHVs

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Take action now: Help stop the ban on youth model OHVs

Post by Sandcock »

Send a message that we are not going to take it anymore :!:


http://www.amadirectlink.com/news/story ... 9&s=banner

IMO, its time to start voting the bums out of office =D>
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Re: Take action now: Help stop the ban on youth model OHVs

Post by gelwell »

The problem is too many bums voted for too many bums in to begin with, but I digress.

If you have kids who are riding, or starting to ride your voice needs to be heard. Here is another link to another site fighting this: http://www.arra-access.com/arra/home.html

the consumer product safety council is behind this because of the chinese toys containing lead, adding motorcycles to the list is a crock. Not to mention there is more lead in cars children ride in than motorcycles.
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Re: Take action now: Help stop the ban on youth model OHVs

Post by azsandrider »

There is a legistlator from Missouri who is also wanting to change things.

Check out http://www.tomself.com/index.html

He has a form letter to fill out.

I saw him on t he last televised supercross race.
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Re: Take action now: Help stop the ban on youth model OHVs

Post by Jerry Seaver »


BUSINESSAPRIL 3, 2009, 5:34 P.M. ETCPSC Chief Orders Delay on Lead Law for Youth ATVsMORE IN BUSINESS »By MELANIE TROTTMAN
WASHINGTON -- The head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission said she would allow retailers of youth-model all-terrain vehicles to unload their older inventory despite new restrictions on lead content that prohibit sales. But it isn't clear if acting CPSC Chairman Nancy Nord has the authority to grant such permission.

Ms. Nord told her compliance staff Friday to hold off on its enforcement for a year on youth ATVs. A spokesman for Ms. Nord said that, as agency chairman, she can enforce her decision. But CPSC Commissioner Thomas Moore said he hasn't made a decision, and until he does, Ms. Nord doesn't have authority to act.

Ms. Nord has been at odds with Congress over a sweeping product-safety law passed in August that established new limits for lead allowed in children's products. She says it was written too vaguely and too broadly in some cases.

The Toy Industry Association says more than $1 billion of products have been returned to its members from retailers or are sitting in warehouses and can't be sold because of the law's restrictions.

The youth-model ATV industry, stuck with inventory it can't sell, has sought an exemption because it says the lead in its products is in parts that children cannot reach.

Ms. Nord voted Friday to deny the ATV industry an exemption, but directed her staff to delay enforcement. Enforcing the law could endanger children "by forcing youth-sized vehicles off the market and resulting in children riding the far more dangerous adult-sized ATVs," Ms. Nord said in her statement.

A coalition of groups representing makers of ATVs, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles said they were "disappointed" that Ms. Nord voted against the exemption. The groups said they need to review the text of the proposed stay of enforcement before they can comment, and added that they need to know whether state attorneys general will enforce the law even if federal regulators agree not to.

Youth-model ATVs are smaller, less powerful versions of full-size models and are aimed at children ages 6 to 15. In 2008, there were 100,000 youth models sold in the U.S. and the market was an estimated $1 billion including parts and servicing, said a spokesman for the Coalition for Safe and Responsible ATV Use.

Write to Melanie Trottman at melanie.trottman@wsj.com

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