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Picture and Attachment Posting - REFRESHER!! - Please Read!

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:28 pm
by azpyroguy
In order to keep our server and DB happy, I am leaving the feature enabled, but limiting picture/attachment sizes to 75K, that is KILOBYTE. Please use a photoeditor like PhotoShop, Gimp, or Corel PhotoPaint to resize your images to less than 75k in size.

If you want to post pictures that are larger than 75k, please upload the to the ASA Gallery, or use a site like PhotoBucket and use BBCode to link to the pictures, so that we can maintain a happy database on the forums.

The DBs on the Gallery, and PhotoBucket are optimized for handling attachments better.

Thank-you, and happy duning. =) :mrgreen: