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Something for woodglue

Post by jhitesma »

If for no other reason than because his name is so similar I sometimes type it when trying to go to this site:

The eyeballing game has been posted on some dune forums before. But this is someone who a lot of old school duners can probably appreciate - along with any wood workers and just nerds in general. The guy who runs it used to be an engineer for Research In Motion where he helped develop the Blackberry line - even made a lego device to tilt and twist an early prototype to test it's antennas ability to pick up signals from any angle. He takes that kind of thinking and applies it to wood working.

Now he's retired young and doing what he loves. Which means he updates the site weekly now with new goodies.

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Re: Something for woodglue

Post by Woodglue »

:lol: Very cool Jason!
I used to be really into wood working, and I loved it! Now, I get the same joy out of turning wrenches on a 1987 Honda 250R TRX engine!! =D>
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