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Americas Great Outdoors - On Facebook

Post by Woodglue »

On facebook, there are ads pulling people to the Americas Great Outdoors (Non-Profit) page. This page is run by as a part of the America's Great Outdoors Campaign 2010.
One ad shows a picture of a bunch of mountain bikers in the forest, and it says "Mountain Bikers Unite". "Tell the President you want better protected and funded outdoors spaces. Simply send a message of support to him. Click here."

On the page, there is a bunch of feel-good information, like this:
President Obama is deciding the future of our outdoor spaces, he needs to hear from you. Join the campaign and ask him to take bold action now to protect our land, water and natural legacy for future generations.
You can click on the "Take Action" tab, enter your name and instantly send a message to "tell president Obama you want more shared and better protected outdoor spaces" by sending a prewritten message that states:
I want the next generation to enjoy America's great outdoors too. That is why I am asking you to seize this opportunity to create, expand and better protect America's shared outdoors spaces including parks, forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness, trails, wild and scenic rivers and historic sites and monuments, and to find new ways to support conservation of our farms, ranchlands and forests.
75% of the people visiting the page seem clueless… posting things like ‘This is a great idea!’. ‘I love our lands and want them protected’.

I’ve added a new perspective, posting pics of sand dunes, saying you cant get to these places without an OHV. The host of the page posted something this morning:
“Did you know? On this Day in 1964: President Johnson signed the Wilderness Act, protecting 9 million acres of federal land.”
Others have statements like:
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” and “Awesome!!!”

I posted something a little different in regards to the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.:) In a couple other places on the page, I’ve posted my slant, and others have made similar posts. The Host of the page keeps posting the same reply:
This effort was designed to make sure all Americans’ voices are heard at a time when the President is deciding the future of our outdoor spaces. We agree that hunters’ voices should be heard and encourage you to tell the President about the hunting lands you care about.
To which I’ve responded with:
But "this effort" has a definite left lean to it. On the "Take Action" tab, you're asking "people who love the outdoors" to send a letter to President Obama stating... " I am asking you to seize this opportunity.... to protect (Land)".
Not what everyone realizes is that in the discussion on Land Use issues, "Land Protection" is not always a good thing.
While someone might want to keep Concrete or Buildings our of their forest or valley, they could end up with "Restricted Access" or "Closed Access" when seeking "protection".
Enough examples… I think you can get the idea…

Point is, this page needs more Access Advocates! If you’re on Facebook, jump in the pool and lend a hand!
Together, we'll give em hell! :wink:
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Re: Americas Great Outdoors - On Facebook

Post by Astro »

I herd about the AGO movement & was worried :( They don't want to protect AGO they want to steal it from us :shock: Many of these web sites like the White House website don't really want constructive critcism just more praise from their minions :roll: They want ammunition for their agenda to really "Take Back America"...from it's citizens :evil: Watch your local Forest Plan Revisions a concurrent part of the process seems to be finding more areas to designate as wilderness. Here they are trying to add an area called Black Canyon that's very near the city limits & uses an OHV trail as one of it's borders :? I stumbled opon it by chance & made my opinion know to the USFS R3 PNF VRD when I found out :idea:

Keep a vigilant eye because the enemy never seems to sleep :!:

Astro 8)
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