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Food for Thought

Post by sikvw450 »

:roll: I would like to share some food for thought; The blm seems to want to completely close all the designated riding areas, but why??? If there were no open dunes or parks to patrol, they would be out of work. Secondly, the economy would suffer because no one would be traveling to the dunes therefore, not spending money on gas, food, or parts for their toys. The surrounding towns around the dunes would suffer and some business's would go bankrupt, thus creating more demand for unemloyment. The whole idea sucks. It would just be bad for the economical ecosystem. Please reply if you agree with me!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Food for Thought

Post by gelwell »

You are preaching to the choir brother. But that is why the ASA is here and why we need people like you to get involved into our passion and lifestyle. The best thing you can do is keep a constant flow of letters sent to your congressperson detailing the economy of offroading. But simply the BLM or the mainstream government really doesn't give a rats - - - about the people or the economy. There is a 13 trillion dollar deficit of money in our main economy that is the bigger concern. The few million we spend is negligible and more importantly nothing to them.
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