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A Sand Story for you [the ten minute version] Enjoy !!

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:28 pm
by Sand_Dude4X105
“Friday Afternoon in Palm Desert”
A True Story by Sand Dude4X, only the names have been changed…
I had a Fire Alarm installation job, thrust on my company a few years back. I had to get plans through the city, then, wire one of those 'cookie cutter' hotels you see at every freeway off ramp. The following weekend everything needed to be completed, ten days from plans to inspection, tight time frame.

The previous FA contractor had been thrown off job, and the plan was for me to take a couple of guys down, and stay long weekend, and have job to ourselves, to complete before drywall was to start the following Wednesday. The project had already been insulated, Jeremy and James, were complaining hard: "Waaa...can we get back to the hotel and check in soon, We're hot... and itchy...waaaa....let's get early start tomorrow..."

I had picked them up in Orange County [at 4:30am] and we had worked hard in the hot Palm Desert early October sun. I was also beat, hot, and tired, off to the Red Roof Inn, just a mile from the job.

Now it's Friday 4:45 pm we drive to the hotel. It's been a long 12 hour day so far...

The Red Roof Inn sits just north of the 10 Freeway, next to a truck stop. My Dad [Frank] has a deal at the hotel he says we can use his deal, for $15.00 a night! Wow 1978 prices for a room today why not. Pulling into the parking lot, under and through the porte-cochere, I ease the big F350 crewcab, into two parking spaces, and turn off the AC, and roll down windows.

It's 4:58 pm time to cool off and relax in a hotel, I can't wait....

"J & J I'll go check us in, here's the keys if ya need ..." I throw my keys on the middle front seat. I ran over and around corner to entrance to office. Through the front door, I walk up to the check in counter...

"Hi, My Dad, Frank called and reserved a couple of rooms here for this weekend"

The front desk manager 'Bev’ responded with: "where's flippin Frank ?"

I start: "Oh Frankie's not here" she interrupted me, "I can't give you his rate....let me make a phone call..." she then walks behind door number two, out of my sight...
About that time, James walks in. "Aaae Sand, what's da houd up" James asks me in his Canadian twang accent. "I don't know, where's Jeremy" at that moment, I see through the front glass door Jeremy flinging a cig into a outside front door ash tray... "Sorry guys, it's so hot out there, should get our rooms soon...Here comes Bev, here she comes, here she comes..." I shout out to the guys... Jeremy gives me a who the what is a Bev, look.

"I got it straightened out for you boys" Bev says "Sorry I know you want to get into the cool room soon, however, I can't give you "F'S" rate, but I can give you..." My mind glazed over, I don't mind the trucker rate when we are out on the road working, it's just, so much for 'the Flippin Frankie Special big deal rate, I guess it's not 1978 anyway'...

5:02 pm, Geeze that took 4 minutes of shower time, two minutes longer on getting into that glorious shower, it's all I can think about...Back outside we head.

We, round the corner, heading back to the truck. "Where you guys put it" Truck was not there where I left it. J & J have a befuddled look on their faces. [Jeremy usually looked that way, however, James looked that way at this time also.] "I left it there" Jeremy says, pointing to the empty lot....

The maintenance man is working on the second floor, right above us, I yell up: "Did ya see a white F350 just leave the lot?"

"Four door ? It just turned right off Varner, and there it is!" He points to the over pass, as Ramon Road goes back over the 10, there goes my F350... PANIC sets in.... Crap I yelled. I run back into motel office: "let me use the phone please I need to call 911, my truck was just stolen, from your lot"

It's 5:03 pm, I have just witnessed my truck being driven by some bad person, all of our tools, equipment, wire, gone in a second. I've already called 911, the local police are going to send someone out to take a report. When will that be... “CRAP”

I hear a siren blaring in the distance, closer and closer...

Out of the Black & White jumps Officer ‘B Tuna’. Officer greats me with "I got here as soon as possible..."

I tell him, "it's 5:05 you guys are good"

I tell him what happened, [so he can fill out his report] and the when, what we saw, then I ask him: "What are the chances I will get my truck back?"

It's 5:15 and B Tuna answers back as he looks down at his watch: "If you don't hear from me by midnight tonight, it will be long gone to Mexico"

"What are my chances, that I'll get some sleep tonight?" I ask... Tuna responds: "Maybe 20%"

B. Tuna then parks his cruiser over near the place where truck was taken from, and starts writing his report.

My mind is twisting and turning what can I do, I sit down on curb, dejected, sad, I have just lost a friend. I am not without hope, I have a 20% chance...

I glance over at the 5:30 Friday night traffic on the 10 freeway. Dune trailers going east towards Glamis, filled with OHV's and people ready to have should have been me also. I passed up this weekend at the dunes to make some money so I could afford a couple of extra weekends at the dunes...

Sure it's the loss of a good reliable truck, however, my Mobile office was in there also, everything gone...Plus, all of Jeremy's and James tools gone...How are we to do the job tomorrow?

James calls my Dad to report the news, J & J normally work for my dad [I am just ‘borrowing’ them for this job], so James wants to let him know. I don't care if my dad knows or not, like whatever anyone does right now, I can't think straight, when James hands me his cell phone, and says: "it's your Dad..." I grab James phone and he, walks away...

"Sand" My Dad starts "James and I have been praying about what you are going through, and we have been praying that the guy that stole your truck will not take anything, and you‘ll get your truck back...."

What ever else my dad said after that I really don't remember. That's when I saw B Tuna's Po-po car do a funny car burn out, in reverse. Wow, he must have another emergency, I thought...

5:33 pm

Then Tuna threw it in drive and burned out right up to where I was standing. Tuna slams on his brakes, stopping two feet from me. I drop James phone, with my Dad still on the line...Tuna yells out the window: "Want to go get your truck, then get in" Now, I have never ridden in the back seat of a police car before [right-right], however, I do not hesitate, "Hey Jeremy want to go get my truck?" I yell...

It's 5:36 as we head down the west bound on ramp adrenalin pumping, the scenery goes by in slow motion, Jeremy [with me in the back seat] pokes me in the ribs and points at the reads 125 mph as we
speed with lights flashing, loud and hard. I reach for the seat belt and cant find it..."Don't WORRY" Tuna says as he senses my angst. Now Officer Tuna was good, weaving in and out of traffic, it's Friday night 5:40 pm, these people have just got off work, the agony of seeing red lights flashing in their rear view I can only imagine. We slow slightly at exit for Date Palm. The Rail Road tracks parallel the freeway here. I look over and see a plethora of red lights flashing ahead on the other side of tracks. Grid lock, at the 10 Freeway, and Date Palm intersection. Tuna weaves his cruiser past the rubber necker motorists by putting passenger side tires up on the raised side walk, and drivers side on road.

5:42 The Scene

Two fire trucks, four Cathedral City police cars, two sheriff cars, three cops on bikes, the paramedic wagon, this ain't no drill, this is for real! How twisted my eyes process the information. I feel surreal I can see my truck, up right, no big visible damage, many people standing around and pointing. Tuna stops, and we all get out.

“Praise BE TO GOD on the HIGHEST!” I yell out…in all things…
Jeremy looks to me, then towards the heavens, he smiles broadly….

What has happened. Looking closer I see the bed on the truck is all ****-eyed to the cab leaning. Truck is sitting on the soft sand shoulder embankment hill, stuck. It had just driven through a row of those freeway beautification Oleander bushes...From where I stood, the back looked as we left it, piled high with ladders, and rolls of wire and drill cords we did a good job loading the truck for once. It's looks as though, the dude that allegedly stole truck, couldn't drive in the sand... how perfect I thought. I start asking everyone what happened, what happened, fill me in, where was my truck for those missing 44 minutes when dude abducted it.

Well, it seems, Dude was hiding in the bushes between Red Roof Inn, and the Truck Stop. Just being a criminal, looking for an easy purse, bag etc left behind while unsuspecting hotel visitor check ins. He hit the jack pot with my truck, keys just sitting the seat. Dude couldn't resist. Once he jumps in and makes his get away, Dude turns right on Varner then right on Ramon Road, that's where we first see him. On Ramon going west, over the 10. While on Ramon, he gathers up all my loose change in door pocket, and stops at a mini mart, and buys a six pack. He pounds three [found empty at Scene in truck-smelled of beer]. Then Dude turns right on Date Palm, heading now north. Going too fast and not used to driving a big long truck, Dude changes lanes in the intersection of 30th Ave, he clips right front bumper of Ford Explorer driven by Jack, and Jack Jr, of 'Jack's Body Shop'. Dude doesn't slow down, so the Jack's chase him north up Date Palm, all is good speeding down the road, three lanes wide, Friday afternoon traffic, in and out, honking...Jack calls 911 and reports what is happening at 5:20... "Pull over, they shout at Dude"

Date Palm goes from three lanes to two lanes then to one lane [each way] at the Overpass wreck Scene. Dude runs out of road, and jumps my truck over curb and on side hill through the bush he flys. Dude is stuck, tires spinning in my 4x4, forward, reverse, it's stuck in sand to axles. The Jack's jump out followed by a good Samaritan [Josh] in a Lifted Chevy Blazer close behind. Josh saw Dude clip the Jack's bumper a mile back on Date Palm at 30th Ave, he wants to help. Dude jumps out of my truck, and The Jack's are fighting and trying to take Dude down. Josh sees Jack tackle Dude and get kicked: "I'll call 911" Josh says. Jack says; "F that, help us with this F head" Josh puts his phone back into his pocket, and he then calmly grabs Dude's hair in his left hand and gives him one "BLAM" right uppercut to Dudes chin, then wam-wam, two more, the fourth knocks out Dude cold, and goes limp.... Josh has to hang around and give his report.

The Officer in charge [Howard] comes over to me, and points at Josh, and says, "he's a good kid...". I say, "yes and he punched him good, blam-blam-blam..." Interrupting me Sergeant Howard says: "Yes, he did a great job in assisting in the apprehension of a criminal" We look at each other and crack up...

Then, the tow truck came to get my Ford...Boo, my truck has been involved in a felony hit and run [besides being stolen from me] and cops must impound, well what next, I am stranded at Cathedral City AmPm Gas Station, with a pile of equipment.

Josh now done with his report, walks over, "...anything more I could do for ya?"

"Thanks man, it's cool Josh, thanks for all your help, I am just getting ready to call a cab to get all of our equipment back to the Red Roof..."

Then he says: "Do you go to Glamis, I see your ‘Save Glamis’ sticker in your back window"

I respond: "Glamis, I wish I was there now! Yes, I go to Glamis all the time, I love Glamis!!!"

Josh says: "Let me help you get your stuff back to your hotel? You love Glamis, you must be a good person, I'll give ya a ride"

Glamis, sand, and God comes through for me, the good guys win. I tell him to pull into the gas station, and let me fill his Blazer up, Josh soft spoken refuses: "You don't have to do that, but I am a little hungry"

Back at the Hotel, we unload his Blazer, and retell the story, again and again...Then we all walk over across the street to Denny's and eat and tell the story again and again... Josh leaves, after a few more Glamis stories... Finally back at my hotel room, the clock says: 9:18... What a interesting four hours and twenty minutes it's been, finally it's time for that shower.... I kick off my shoes, there's sand in them... Perfect...

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:42 am
by BHenry
That's a helluva first post! Welcome to the board, and keep the stories coming!

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:52 am
by Sand_Dude4X105
Thanks.... B....
Will Do...

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:06 am
Wow, I've gotta go along with BHenry, great first post =D>

A Sand Story for you [the ten minute version] Enjoy !!

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:28 pm
by alyshka
Great way to bring a little action to the board

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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:22 am
by Sand_Dude4X105
Interesting... just to me? Ha....
Out of all the days and years in the past 12 years....
Bryan joined this BB 12 years to the day before me....
Anything interesting happen in those 12 years ?
Ha... I know... I've read the ramp, and fully understand, I am down with the fight!

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Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:02 pm
by HSSC work for a living.......................................................................................... :shock:

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Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:08 pm
The question work for a living........................... :cry:

A rare Odumas world........

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Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:49 am
by Sandcock
Great way to bring a little action to the board
I've tried to stir the pot and be a little controversial :P bites :?: I'll have to try a little harder :)

There have been geriatric issues in the familia. Hopefully, in the near future I can finally make it out to "G" and hook up with you and the gang.....its definitely been a while :(