Another Story, this one Fictional...

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Another Story, this one Fictional...

Post by Sand_Dude4X105 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:05 am

Who Gets to go to Heaven?

April 20, 2012...

Jose Gomez remembers Leticia as she looked as a cute little girl, back in 1987 she was just four years old. Since then, he has
written her at least twice monthly exchanging photos whenever possible, sending money when he could. Although She has never been far from her village in Northern Mexico and the simple life on her father’s ranch, she yearns for the promise to become Mrs Gomez.
Jose has saved enough money from his job at 7/11 to get her a ticket on the Mexatopolus Bus Line. She knows once she gets on the
bus, she will be forever turning her back on the simple life in Mexico. She wants so bad to be Mrs. Gomez, Jose has a good steady
job in America, and he’s a citizen also. However, something just doesn’t feel right about getting on the bus; she is torn between
the past and the future. She sits crying as the bus pulls away from the terminal. She can not leave her ailing mother, she must
stay and help her father around the ranch. Leticia, cries and cries as the bus leaves.
There has been no negative vibe from Leticia, and Jose expects to pick her up at the Mexatopolus Station early tomorrow before his
next shift at the 7/11.
Jose [just 5 years old then] has put that night back in 1987 behind him. The night he hid in his father’s [Jose Sr.] coat as he
snuck across the unguarded border crossing. So much has happened in Jose life. Jose Sr. was in the wrong place at the wrong time
when the INS swept through the factory he was working at in 1987.
However, It was a very fortunate that morning Marie [Jose’s mother] dropped Lil Jose off at the St. Francis Church for the
day. Marie was picked up later the same day by the INS and deported also. Little Jose was left all alone in the care of
Priest Patrick. Now [in 2012] that Jose was a citizen did it really matter that he first got to America illegally? Jose’s
parents would try a few more times to reunite with Jose Jr., the last time tragedy struck when Jose Sr. and Marie were hiking
across the Senora Desert, just over the US Border near Naco, Az. Mexican thieves attacked Jose Sr. and raped and abducted Marie.
Jose was left for dead, and Marie was drugged, sold off. Jose Jr. never knew of the demise of his parents, he just knew, something bad happened, he felt it in his soul.
This afternoon, 25 years after Jose first came to America, his wife to be will finally get to America also… before his shift at
the 7/11, he checks and finds the bus has left Agua Prieta Mexico, for the journey to Tucson Az. Jose has no idea Leticia is not on the bus.
Later during his shift, he turns on ‘Telemundo’ and gets a update on the days news. “Breaking News” a bus crash in the desert.
Jose’s eyes are riveted on the TV, “Please Lord” Jose starts
“Please let Leticia have a safe trip.” Jose’s shift is over, and he should be on way home… but he is riveted to Telemundo… it is 20
minutes after his shift is over…
Shawn’s mom Heather met Shawn’s father in church back in the June of 1986.…
The Revival was in town. The big tent and the call of the Holy Lord All Mighty led Heather 17 years old, that night into a Young
Preacher’s arms… Heather was a heavy drinker and town floozy when The Preacher ‘Saved’ her that hot June night… After Heather answered the alter call, she stayed late to ask the Preacher a question: “Am I now going to heaven, or is there anything else I can do?”
“Yes, lil darling you sure are on the path to Heaven” answered the preacher man… and he turned to his 13 year old son Bobby, “Please comfort this young woman”
“My name is Heather…. What is yours?”
Young Bobby lead the older but not wiser Heather into the side prayer room and prayed with her. “Father” Young Bobby started
“Please let your will be done right now in Heather‘s life…. Heal Heather cast the demons of despair away!”
Bobby had already at 13 years old showed a wise and mature aura that was heaven on earth for young Heather…
“Please Lord, let me feel your power inside… Please come closer, please young preacher man, hold me”
Heather pulled young Bobby to her, Bobby started to quiver, for he had weak flesh….
Bobby’s father the revival Preacher Man [Robert Barkley Sr.], was deciding to settle down, wanting his own flock, Young Bobby’s rise
as a influential young gospel preacher has been noticed by the Full Gospel Preacher Association [FGPA]… Bobby was
preaching from 1985 through 1990 with his dad, and he knew how to work the crowd... He was touring the country in his “Praise Be to God” tour coast to coast… Soon, Robert Barkley Sr. felt a new call of God…… “The Lord has spoke to me, we are to build a church in the shadow of Disney Land , We are moving to California!” So settle down they did… the call of God moves him to preach to the
needy of Southern California near Disneyland …
Today: April 20, 2012
It’s a cool foggy misting late afternoon and Jose Gomez was still watching TV, “Breaking News Story: Bus Crash in the Desert…Stay
Tuned” Jose should have been on the way home…instead he remained in the back room of the 7/11 praying his future wife will be safe.

Thirty minutes gone by, Jose still can not take his eyes off the TV….

Jose had immigrated to the USA from Mexico 22 years earlier and he had saved up enough money to send back to his home town to pay for his child hood sweet heart Leticia to immigrate to the US. Jose had grown up in the Catholic Church and was an alter boy who’s priest had helped him become a legal citizen.
Jose was praying [“Please Lord help Leticia have a safe journey”] in the back room of the 7/11.
His ’boss’ Habib Shriad, was overseeing the counter sales. His boss yelled back to Jose: “Imm nit gong to pay you
obertime” He is a Hindu from a border town between Pakistan and India, Then he yelled “Joesa… I believe if you pray enough to your
god, he will take care of you… you and your future bride will have good life.” Habib had not told Jose, of his terminal illness.
Habib had only months to live from the cancer that was eating away at his pancreas, he knew it but only Habib’s wife also knew.

Shawn had been smoking Meth [at home] and was spinning out of control when he grabbed his 45 and decided he needed some smokes and beer at the local 7/11. He walked in the front door and right up to Habib [who is standing behind the ’Lotto’ machine] he's the only person in the store [other than Jose in the back room]. Shawn slings with one arm the counter displays smashing them to the floor, and with the gun in his other hand he threatens:
“Please - please sir no problem-I beg you no problem”
Habib hit the sales button on the register to open it…
Jose heard the crash to the floor and stopped his prayer in mid sentence “…and protect…” he came rushing down the store room steps, to the front thinking his boss and friend had fallen and was in need of help.
Extremely agitated Shawn sees out of the corner of his eye a man bursting through the door from the back room. Jose steps into the steps, into the main room of the 7/11 only to see the gun muzzle flash at him, the moment before the shot, Habib had moved towards Jose and in that instant yelled: “NO-NO....”
A single shot goes through Habib’s neck and strikes Jose in the chest and lodges in his back rib cage at the scapula, after it had gone through his lung … Shawn mortally wounds these two good men, with one shot. Blood is gushing out of Habib’s neck, with every heart beat, he is one step closer to death… Jose collapses to the floor gasping for air…
Over the counter Shawn jumps and grabs all the money, and then grabs a 6 pack of Bud and a carton of Camel’s on his way out.
Through the front door he runs, right into Hank who has just gotten off his Harley, and has no idea what has just gone down.
Hank kicks at his kick stand, and looks down as Shawn runs out… He pulls his helmet up and off and stares right into the eyes of
Shawn who’s higher and more agitated than anyone Hank has ever seen. And, He has seen it all, a slightly def Viet Vet who on his
days off works at the Union Rescue Mission. This day Hank is on his way to work as an orderly at St Jude Hospital for the evening
shift… Hank has seen so much death and bad deeds in his life he often wonders why. Hank doesn't believe in God, for his reasoning is, if there is a God, he wouldn’t allow so much despair in the world.

Hank looks at Shawn the wrong way [which in this moment is any way]…


Shawn reaches back for the gun stuck in his belt and drops the beer…
Hanks bends down to help [this agitated] stranger who has just dropped his beer… and says his last words: “sir, what did you say”

Blam-Blam two shots from Shawn’s 45 pop into Hanks chest, before Hank can say another word, He crumples to the ground… and off Shawn rides on Hanks Harley….

Speeding away Shawn…he’s ridden off road before but never on a street bike… decides to jump on the freeway… sliding around the
on ramp corner he burns rubber as he shifts through the gears… his carton of Camel’s fly’s off the back of the bike into the Oleander
Bush growing as freeway vegetation…a homeless man nearby eyes his treasure from his underpass home, he ambles over to retrieve his gift…

Hauling fast and now doing 75 mph at the gore point to the freeway on ramp Shawn side swipes Hank’s Harley into a Muslim family.
Voguish Barat is happily singing songs with her daughters as they head down the freeway to their Mosque. In a hurry to get to her Mosque, Voguish never sees the Harley on her right, her new Kia is hit on the right rear corner panel and she starts to spin… Voguish over corrects, and flips the KIA off the freeway, out of control and side impacts from the roof a huge spruce tree. The Mighty Spruce squashes the Kia… Voguish who is bringing her young daughters [ages 8, 5, 3] to prayer and children’s play time are all rendered unconscious on impact.
Shawn is laying face up sprawled out on the shoulder of the freeway. Tires are skidding people swerve to avoid the wreckage… people slow to see what happened… not knowing of what has just caused this horrific scene… a mangled metal mess which was just a few minutes ago a Kia and a stolen Harley....

Smoke is raising up from near the tree. The KIA burst’s into flames with the family all seat belted safely into their car…

Bobby Barkley cruises by the scene and eyes the smoldering wreckage from the window of his church owned MDX…
Bobby today, is the ‘youth’ pastor at his “Full Harvest” Church. He’s the church founder’s son… and has a young pregnant wife Bonnie at home. Today he has visited new members to his dad’s church. He has ministered to three family’s this day. However a fourth call has come in, and he has just left this call. Just an hour earlier he received a request for a home prayer visit. The daughter of the new member
wants clarity of something Bobby has said to the youths during his last youth sermon. Bobby has said: “If you can not pray to Jesus
to help you have the ’best’ time at whatever you are about to do, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it…” So Bobby is to stop and
minister to a young divorced mom Diedra, and her daughter Mikala, who are new to the Harvest Flock. As he knocked on the door,
Mikala answers. “Come on in Bobby my mom will be here in a few minutes.”
“It’s OK” Bobby reply’s, “I’ll come back another time…when she is here”
Bobby had been set up, Mikala [17 years old] and her friend Natasha [18] who have been to Bobby’s church and had spotted Bobby
leading the youth choir. Bobby is so cute, they giggled … if they could ever get him alone… They’d like to pray with him, to see how
best a time was to be had. Mikala pulls Bobby into the adjacent hall… “let me get you some lemon aid“
Mikala says “… come on Bobby…” and down the hall towards Mikala’s bedroom they head. [Mikala’s just playing around Bobby thinks] into the bedroom, Bobby finds Natasha behind the door with her top off, she is perfect perky and pierced … Bobby eyes her twins as he has his pants pulled down to his knees… Mikala locks Bobby in the bedroom, and the girls start pulling Bobby’s pants completely off.
“Dear Lord” Natasha prays “Please let us have the best time fellowshipping with Mr Bobby…” Bobby feels weak in the knees, for he has 'weak flesh'...
… 30 minutes flash by with Mikala and Natasha… to Bobby if feels like 30 seconds…
“Gotta go girls, I’ll pray some more with ya latter, maybe another time… Tell your mom I was by… … BYE”

Totally conflicted by what has just happened, Bobby drives in silence around the corner and up the on ramp to the
freeway…driving home…
Bobby gets on the freeway, ashamed of his weakness and worried that his wife will find out. The freeway traffic slows down after
just a quarter mile… and Bobby eyes a bleeding mangled Shawn lying dying on the side of the freeway, he does what he does best. He pulls over the MDX on the shoulder just past the crash… he will minister to the dying Shawn… Bobby jogs back to the crash site…no emergency crews are there yet, Bobby is one of the first to the scene…
Bobby kneels down to Shawn and asks: “Friend, what is your name?”
“Well Shawn, I have good news for you, you may be all mangled and about to die, and you may have lead the worst life imaginable,
HOWEVER, if you just pray the sinners prayer with me… You can be saved… Will you Shawn, will you pray with me? For today you could be in heaven”
“Father… I am a sinner”
“Father I am a sinner” Shawn gurgles in his own blood, out his reply….
“Please forgive me my sins” Shawn repeats gurgling the words out through the death about to consume him…
Bobby as he is clutching Shawn’s head, hears tires skidding louder and louder… as he looks up he sees an 18 wheeler skidding jack
knifing to a stop. [Shawn Prays: “Lord protect us”] …It all seems in slow motion, Bobby looks up in the heavy air of
the evening dew and sees a truck towing a blue China Cargo container behind… The truck Driver hasn’t noticed that the traffic
had slowed, and basically stopped… he changes lanes to the faster lane to avoid the brake lights ahead… then he, sees in his rear
view side mirrors the emergency vehicles coming to the crash scene… the truck driver in that moment we have all felt when we
first see the red lights flashing behind us… panic… and hits his brakes too hard, which causes his load to shift … The driver
swerves, jack knifes, the container tips first up on the drivers side then he over corrects and fatal mistake…. over the trailer
crashes on the curb side…. landing crushing Bobby, killing him instantly. Shawn just misses being crushed, however he also dies
on the spot from his injuries… the big rig driver hops the freeway center medium K-rail and runs off into the
night… Paramedics follow the crashing big rig to the scene ready to work the accident…… It‘s too late……

It is a sad day…

All told:
Nine are dead…
Bobby Barkley young preacher man [39 years old] dead and crushed on the side of the freeway…
Shawn Erickson [Unknown and never have met, Bobby was Shawn’s father they meet in death] meth head [25] dead internal bleeding
on side of freeway….
Voguish Barat [29] and three young daughters [8-5-and 3] fiery crash are dead into the tree on side of freeway…
Jose Gomez [29] and Habib Shriad [62] shot dead inside the 7/11...
Hank Günter [64] shot dead in the parking lot of the 7/11...

All I want to know is this:
Out of these nine people who have just died, if there is a Heaven…Who gets to go?

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Another Story, this one Fictional...

Post by alyshka » Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:31 pm

Ok --I give what's the punch line?
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