ISDRA Business Plan Released

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Vincent J Brunasso
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ISDRA Business Plan Released

Post by Vincent J Brunasso »

Look at page 39 for the new fees (Page 49 in the PDF). ... 302013.pdf
Vincent J. Brunasso
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Re: ISDRA Business Plan Released

Post by azsandrider »

Here is an article in the Imperial Valley Press: ... 2177.story

Here is the comment I posted:

Unfortunately the $60 increase in season passes WILL hurt the surrounding dune communities of Yuma & Brawley as less duners will pay the increased fees. With the creation of side by side vehicles. long time duners are no longer limited to the dunes to ride, as these vehicles are 4x4 and are fun in other desert locations. I know many of my duning friends are not going to the dunes as much as they have bought side by sides and are riding elsewhere. Many have told me they will probably not buy the season permit at $150 and just buy the weekly permit as they plan on going to the dunes less often now. Less people going to the dunes = less revenue in food & gas purchases in surrounding communities AND less revenue for the BLM. I think an increase up to $120 a season may be justified, but not $150, especially since visitation is down. The BLM can cut back on some services and have less law enforcement since there are less people. It is also suspicious how the BLM came about this amount: first they purposed $190 a season pass, when public outcry was too vocal, the BLM came back with no season pass, when public outcry was vocal, the BLM brought back the season pass at $150 and expects the dune users to be relieved & happy; well we are NOT relived and are NOT happy! This will impact the communities!

We ALL need to comment and keep the pressure up. $150 for a season pass is NOT acceptable. DO NOT feel happy because the BLM re-instated the season pass at $150!

We need to force the BLM to follow the FLEA rules and stop charging entrance fees. There is already recent case law out of the 9th Circus Court in San Fran from and Arizona case that stated that the Forest Service can not charge a parking fee, basically the rules as the BLM is under!

If the BLM wants to raise fees without proper justification, maybe they should collect the fees according to the rules!

Visitation is down so cut back on services!
(The above statement is my own opinion and not that of the ASA's.)

T. Wight
Mesa, AZ.
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