How Life Has Changed

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How Life Has Changed

Post by Washroad »

My goodness, this forum is very quiet. It's been a very long time since I've even come in here, let alone posting anything.

Life changed drastically for me and my wife Gail. Very drastically.

First, the company that I had been working for for 18 years, and where I thought I was going to retire from, went out of business in 2010! Great, I'm like 59 years old, bad economy and gotta find a new job. Luckily, I did right away, but, very reduced pay, and lost all of my vacation time (I was up to 5 weeks paid vacation).

Then, my wife had a melt-down. Scared me to death, I thought I was going to lose her. Since she had taken "family leave" at no pay, I took some time off and we went to Utah to check it out.

We fell in love with it!!! Actually started house hunting right away. Went home to Orange and put the house on the market. Closed escrow in August 2013, loaded up the motorhome with 2 dogs and 2 cats and came on out here. The very next day we bought this house!

I found a job driving truck, my wife got a job with a company that left kalifornia and I got to quit in October of 2015 and retired. We bought a really nice 2011 Jeep Rubicon and I go out with my friends about once-a-week. My wife gets to retire in 2 years.

So, now we live in one of the most beautiful places in America! Life went from really sad to absolutely wonderful in a very few short years.

Hope this finds you all well and happy!
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Re: How Life Has Changed

Post by Sand Commander »

I'm glad to see things went so well after such a journey.
Enjoy Utah, I'm stuck in SoCal!
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