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Post by DesertDogs »

This was sent to me via local newspaper,

....I don't know if you're politically active but it
is time to be. We are looking at a 50¢ per gallon gas
tax, a 2¢ per mile surcharge (these will KILL
commuting) and a 150% increase in car registration, a
$3500 per vehicle SUV tax, a 5¢ per bullet surcharge
on ammunition, and increased income taxes if the
demoncraps get their way on the budget. Please write
to Jim Brulte (he's a local republican about to roll
over) Dave Kelley (he is too), Richard Dickerson
(another rollover) and tell them NO! on the gas tax,
the registration fee, the SUV fee and the mileage fee,
the bullet tex, ANY new taxes or tax increases. ALL
the Demondraps are voting for this increase to save
their delusional governor so you might wish to thank
your "alleged" representatives if you happen to have
(a) Demoncrap(s) as your elected official. Thank Helen
Thompson for her stand against these fees as she is
the LONE demoncrap who refused to vote for the
increases. Their contact information can be found at
the state's official website
Please sign for both you and any other voting age
household members. This tax bill will KILL the Ca.
Economy and be self-defeating as unemployed people and
bankrupt and deceased companies can't pay taxes.

ASA San Diego Regional Coordinator

'If God didn't want us to shred the dunes, why did he invent paddle tires?'

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