How much time @ Silver Lake Dunes?

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How much time @ Silver Lake Dunes?

Post by airlynen »

We are planning a day (Wed. July 2, 2003) at Silver Lake Dunes. We have to rent a jeep or buggy for the day, since we are flying to Mich. How many hours will we want to spend in the sand? We are spoiled by the Imperial Dunes in CA. Trying to set up reservations and trying to decide if we need to spend $500 on an all day (8 hrs) rental or not.? Any input from someone that's possibly been to both places (CA and MI)? Also name of a decent place to spend the night that's not too pricey (seeing that we'll be blowing our wad on jeep/buggy rental!)? Thanks!

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Post by Gottaride »

After riding Glamis you will be very disapointed in Silver Lake. It is only about 450 acres but it is the best we have around here. Sandy Korner's has jeep rentals but they are a guided tour only. They are very pricey. They get you by the tour plus passengers. They may even be charging holiday rates because it would be so close to the 4th of July. Dunebuggy rentals are a joke. They are little industrial motored carts. Not much power but they do it make around the dunes.

My advise would be to rent a SUV or any 4-wheel drive at the car rental place. Just lower the tires down, buy a flag (must be 10 ft. which can be bought at Duneland just outside of the gate at SL). duct tape it to the FRONT of the vehicle and buy a day pass at the gate. Tires can be aired back up at Duneland (they have free air). You will be able to ride just about anywhere in the dunes.

There are several motels in the area I will see if I can find a link to them and post it. Silver Lakes is only open 7 months out of the year so good deals are hard to come by. It's more or less a tourist town so be ready (but it's not as bad as the Glamis Store).

If there is any other info you need, let us know.

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Post by Smiley »

I agree with Gottaride's post, after Glamis this is pretty small stuff, more like Pismo. The only place to rent a Jeep for the day is Parrot's Landing and I have no idea on the cost. I don't think they require a guide with "follow the leader" like Sandy Corners rentals. If you rent your own vehicle you will need a MI Park day pass and an ORV sticker along with the flag. You can also rent watercraft from Parrot's to use on Silver Lake itself.

Here are some places to stay-

Budget Host 231-873-1855
Comfort Inn 231-873-3456
Dunes Waterfront Resort 231-873-5500
Sierra Sands at the Dunes 231-873-1008

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Post by TLB »

We stay atleast one day if the weather is good, it's a 3 hour ride to get there.


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