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Bulletin Board Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

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Bulletin Board Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Check back often as this will be updated on a regular basis as we come across more issues to be resolved.

Updated 9/9/02

Q: Where is the active topics button?

A: Active topics has been replaced by "View posts since last visit" shown at the top right hand side of the page. This does the same basic thing only under a different name. It is also more personalized since rather than just listing all topics that have recently been posted in it will only list those that have been posted in since your last visit.

Q: Why is there a subject line when I post a reply now?

A: The new BBS allows you to attach a subject to your replies. This is option and can safely be left blank. The subject will be displayed above your message in the area where reply links appear.

Q: What is an Avatar?

A: An Avatar is an image representing a registered user on the bulletin board. It displays under your screen name on the left of the board. This can be an image of yourself or maybe your OHV for example. These avatars can be added via your profile.

Q: Why won't my avatar work, I tried uploading it but it still doesn't appear.

A: The error messages from avatar problems are easy to miss. They appear in red letters at the top of the edit profile page if there was a problem. More than likely the problem is your selected Avatar is over our size limit. Avatars must fit into certain restrictions so as not to unduly slow the site for users on slower connections. To be acceptable an avatar must meet all of these requirements:

1) Avatars can be no larger than 80 pixels in any given dimension
2) Avatars must be no larger than 12k - many operating systems round when displaying file size so even if your file appears to be slightly under 12k it may not be in actuality. Try saving as a GIF if there are not many colors or the avatar is non-photographic or increase the compression setting if you must save as a JPG.

Additionally some browsers may have problems uploading filenames that have a space in them - it's always best to avoid spaces in filenames if you are having any kind of problems.

Q: I can't login / I can't stay logged in.

A: The new board alerts you to being logged in slightly differently than the old BBS. First check the menu at the top of your screen. If you see an option for "profile" or a username listed after "logout" then you are indeed logged in. Also the main entry page for the BBS will display a separate box at the top with a login prompt if you are NOT logged in - if you don't see that box then you are already logged in.

If you are having problems staying logged in you should attempt to clear your cookies/history and cache. On some browsers you can selectively delete cookies and removing any from americansandassociation.org and http://www.americansandassociation.org will normally solve the problem. With Internet Explorer you will normally have to delete ALL cookies, ALL history, and ALL of your cache and then reboot your computer to make it take effect.

If you're still having problems email admin@americansandassociation.org.

Q: Why do some icons do the out and back and then a little hula move while others don't?

A: The "hula move" indicates a "hot" topic. The little folder icon on the old board was actually on "fire". Same deal.

Q: What happened to my image in my profile?

A: The new BBS keeps different profile information than the old one. One difference is that it no longer has a place for an image.

Q: Where did all the pictures go from the old board???

A: Unfortunately photos and other fancy bits of code did not transfer in the migration.

Q: How come searching dosen't return as many posts as I believe it should.

A: The problem is with the way old messages were imported vs. the way the search works on here.

You see this BBS software is designed to handle HUGE sites with MILLIONS of posts so it would be highly inefficient to actually seach the text of all those posts. Instead it has a set of rules that grabs "searchable" terms out of posts and stores them in a separate table allowing for extremely fast searching.

Unfortunately the importer we used was not smart enough to populate those tables with terms from the old posts. So while posts made after Friday are searchable old posts will not yet have results show up. We are working to correct this but a time estimate is not yet available.


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