Texas Motorized Trail Coalition

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Texas Motorized Trail Coalition

Post by SailAway »

I received this via e-mail...

Shawn Pagan and the folks through the Texas Motorized Trails
Coalition and the Texas Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition need your help.
For the past several years there have been continuing attempts close
access to the last public land in Texas; the river bottom flood

If you have friends, relatives or any interest in Texas recreation, I
urge you to forward this information and have them contact state
officials to halt this attack on public lands access.

The below note is from Shawn Pagan,
President - Southern High Rollers 4x4 Club -
Secretary - Texas Motorized Trails Coalition -

Land Use Editor / Staff Writer - Rockcrawler 4x4 & Off-Road Magazine
- <http://www.rockcrawler.com>http://www.rockcrawler.com

(Additional background information is included below Shawn's note.)

This is the last remaining public land in Texas. Recreation
interests are going to loose it because the majority of the motorized
recreation groups have sat around and used the comment "That's
Uvalde" it doesn't effect me... Well now with big money and political
clout they are trying to pass blanket laws across the state....
effecting every county and region and every form of motorized

Now is probably the last chance you will have.. Sending notes to
Susan Combs will do you no good. Based on the propaganda and
outright lies you need to speak directly to your elected officials.
Site the article as proof of bias.

I was on the TP&W Commission looking into the rivers situation - they
admitted they had no real evidence and they concluded it would take
years of study to understand if the normal use of 4 wheel drives were
causing damage - I will agree that no one needs to be driving through
flowing, living water; but I will also agree that many of the "flood
plain" areas in Texas are not living flowing water.

Here is a link that will let you get in contact with your
representatives. Please I urge you to contact them.

Vicki Warren
President of DUNERS and Friends of
Dumont Dunes user groups


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