4th of July weekend 2006

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4th of July weekend 2006

Post by archibol »

Is anyone going to kermit dunes for the 4th of july weekend? My wife and are new in Texas. We rode alot in oregon at sandlake, but now we live in copperas cove, tx about 365 miles from kermit and want to know how it is. we have 2 suzuki quadsport z400's. any info let me know. thanks

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Post by rpickens »

I use to live in California and use to go to Glamis. Kermit is much smaller then Glamis and there is no where to buy parts or get anything fixed if something breaks. No water although I think there are portapotties now. The tallest dunes are about 75' high. Also there is a guy who bought Kermit and is making inprovements and chargeing to get in. Some of the old timers that go to Kermit don't like this guy because he is charging $7.00 to get in and has fenced off the place. So if you go on some of the forums you will see a lot of people bitching about him or suporting him.
I have never been to sandlake but I have heard that Kermit dunes are smaller.
I have been to Kermit 2 times and enjoyed myself and the people seemed friendly. If you want to find an official web site on Kermit I think it is http://www.kermitsandhillsinc.com or you can do a search for Kermit sand hills Inc.
There are also Little Sahara dunes in Oklahoma. The dunes are about 75' high and there are bathrooms,showers,repair shops, part stores,motels,houses for rent,camp grounds, etc. Little Sahara can get crowded on certain weekends so check thier web site to see when the big weekends are. http://www.waynoka.com
I must say the dunes are better at Kermit then Little Sahara but the srevices are better at Little Sahara.
Hoped this helped.
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