Memorial day report 2005

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Memorial day report 2005

Post by SandTazzem »

"No Alchohol allowed" posted everywhere.

After last years insane event the police said something had to be done. I fully support the police and the hard work they have to do. with that stated they were extremly effective at keeping the dunes very quiet. They had a police bus, 3 state patrol cruisers, 3 officers on quads. All to watch what must have been the poorest attendance in history. Im sure the local Conoco station and other businesses have felt the lack of business. The only guy who was busy was the ice supplier.

Did they keep alcohol off the dunes. NO. ill repeat that... NO. The only people there were the diehards and yes they had beers. Lifeflight had to rescue one poor soul who flipped his rail and got pretty banged up Saturday night. Thats what happens when you dont use your seatbelts. :shock: Im sure he wont forget it.

Im also sure that the tickets issued and injuries sustained where directly proportional to the people in attendance. i guess maybe 1000 people where there and thats probably being overly generous. Thats maybe 1/4 of the usual crowd.

Everyone i talked to said that their friends went elsewhere... like mine did.

By the way... I had a great time. Had "numerous" beers at camp with my Mcdonalds cup. The rail did fine and i left loading it back onto the trailer under its own power. The only real problem i had was a bad trany shaft seal. It got worse and worse and I was loosing clutch crippage. 8)

So the dunes at Moses Lake arent so sober. There just arent that many people to run into nowdays.

I got some pictures maybe ill post them later.
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