Moses Labor day story!

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Moses Labor day story!

Post by SandTazzem »

Got a Moses story for you...

It was on Labor day, 2002, Saturday, sometime in the afternoon. I got tired of hanging around camp and decided to go for a cruise by myself.
,(i have a 2 seater sand rail), So i checked the beer cooler... and off i went. I decided to do a slow cruise, because it was like 90+ degrees out, and head down to the lake to see what was going on. When i got there i didnt see much action but i did see two of our finest police officers talking to this girl. She was a tight, 5'10, young 20 something, Gorgeous blonde in the standard blue 2 piece bathing suit... and shoes, who obviously had to much to drink.

I was acting cool, like always, when the police pointed at me and she turned around. The next thing i know she wanted a ride back to camp. i said "sure.. jump in" The cops were smiling and both gave me the approving thumbs up. They both knew they totally hooked me up.

So off we went... got about 100 yards and realized she wasn't belted in. So i had to stop and show her how to operate the seat belts. She had a beer in her hand and found it difficult to put on her belt... so i had to help her. I said " im not going for a feel here but you need to be safe" . She just giggled... and said "gotta be safe". So we got her hooked up (i still remember the C-cups) and took off. I asked her where she was camped and she said "im not sure". I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride she said sure ... then she asked if the rail is fast. I said "no... not really". I just cruised in first for about five minutes and i could tell she was getting bored so i light up my 2.3 Litre Multi-Port EFI rail... i said " hold onto this" pointing at the "oh crap grips". reeved it up to about 5,000 RPM and popped the clutch. It did a wheel stand for about 50 feet... then i hit the cutting brakes and she was just screamin like crazy. I let off and then just cruised out and headed south... i remember she dropped her beer and i dont think she let go of the bar after that.

We went WAY out in the dunes. Over many hills and valleys. Finally i needed a beer and I stopped and told her i need to give the rail a little cool down period. When actually i had to go water some shrubbery. We sat out there in the middle of Moses and talked for quite some time. The most memorable part was that she kept talking and seemed cool with it all. She was very friendly and didnt seem uncomfortable at all. Finally we agreed to head out. We got back to the main road and cruised along all the camp sites and she couldn't find her camp.

Well then i decided to head towards my camp cause i needed gas ! We stopped in and all my friends said "where did you get that (pointing at the girl)? and we were getting worried about you..." I said "God i love the dunes" and everyone laughed. I promptly got the gas can and funnel and refilled the tank. Got more ice and beer and off we went.

We got no more than 100 yards when she said "thats them" (pointing at a group of sand type people). She was camped just down the sand from us. I dropped her off and said "you know where i am..." she said " ill see you later and thanks for the awesome ride". I returned to camp and for some unknown reason had a new respect from my friends.

She came by later that night for another ride out to competition hill... but thats another story. :wink:



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Post by subspecies1 »

Dunes are incredible aren't they :D
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