Agenda for the 1-28-2010 meeting

Under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, input from the subgroup will be presented directly to the DAC for its deliberation and consideration. The DSG replaces the ISDRATRT.

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Agenda for the 1-28-2010 meeting

Post by Doc » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:19 am

The ISDRA DSG will meet at the El Centro BLM Field office on 1-28-2010. This meeting will start at 9AM.

Below is the agenda for this meeting.

January 28, 2010 9:00 am

1. Introduce all members of DSG
2. Introduce Guests
3. Review and approve previous meeting minutes
4. Public comment period
5. Review member terms
6. Review DSG meeting notification methods
7. BLM El Centro Field Office Reports
• Review ISDRA budget information
• Report on recreation area status
• Report on results from new vehicle counters
• Review details of new trash contract
• Ogliby road status
• Review ISDRA Data
i. Medical responses
ii. Law Enforcement activity
iii. Review results of 12/17/09 meeting on LEO activity
• Other items of interest
8. Status of ISDRA RAMP
9. Mesquite Regional Landfill update– Michelle Ochs
10. ISCO report
• citations
• unlawful assembly
11. Food vendors having to take their equipment to town each week
• Is there anything the BLM can do to mitigate this requirement
12. Special Recreation Fee collection east of the railroad tracks
13. Boardmanville access
14. North Gila-Imperial Valley #2 Transmission Project
• Construction impacts on the ISDRA
• Operational impacts on the ISDRA
• Construction Schedule
15. Percent of fee dollars used to collect fees
• Discuss alternative collection strategies
16. Review proposed tasks and issues
• Alternate method of fee collection
• Status of new supplemental rules
• Review current ISDRA rules
• PMV Monitoring plans
17. Schedule next meeting

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