sand stuck inside wheels - need solution

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Bob Tenwick
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sand stuck inside wheels - need solution

Post by Bob Tenwick »

Last trip was the second time we had our Savages out (3), and all of them have serious wobble tire action at high speed.

I realized when I got home that the problem was sand getting inside the tire through the breather hole in the rim. I cut a tire off a rim, emptied the sand, and weighed it.

Tire carcass, foam, rim. - 13 oz
Unopened tire still full of sand. - <b>18</b> oz.

A 38% difference!

If I silicon the breather hole the truck will bounce I hear, I don't think a filter will be easy to rig either. I'm thinking of putting silicon in the holes on the rims and cutting slits on the perimeter of the tire, hoping centrifical force drives any sand out.

What do you guys do?????

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Post by sandman4free1 »

real simple put a small hole in the center of the tire in 4 places. you dont want to seal up the tire.

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