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Issues relating to the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation / Green Sticker Fund

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OHV Trust

Post by alyshka »

Got an alert E-mail from the AMA today they are trying to steel 21 million of our $$$
to save the state state parks.
Hearing was at 2:30 today
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Re: OHV Trust

Post by tomjeeps2 »

http://www.southbayriders.com/forums/sh ... 43679dfd36
Basically they want to give Parks discretionary authority to spend UP TO $21M out of the "local assistance" program, meaning the grants. Dept of Finance and Leg Counsel wanted time to study this to make sure it was legal. Simitian insisted that this was fuel tax money and therefore under the authority of the legislature, forget the "Trust Fund", that did not matter.

We owe a big thanks to Jean Fuller, she is a reliable NO vote, also Lownethal asked a lot of good questions.

If you are consituent you can write Simitian but he's not going to come off his mission easily. He wants those Parks kept open, **** the torpedos, full speed ahead.

Go easy on the other Senators, they could get turned off if they get a major deluge of bad stuff. If you are in their district write a nice note, no more than a paragraph, tell your story.

Watch for the Gov's budget - it comes out Monday, there may be a nasty surprise in it according to DOF. Or it could be a general fund solution to Parks problems , they weren't talking.

Glade to see some activity here on this issue, stay tuned...TJ
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