Law suite intimidates National Forest into rewriting Plan

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Law suite intimidates National Forest into rewriting Plan

Post by tomjeeps2 »

At the request of the Environmental Plaintiffs and the People of the State
of California, the Forest Service will consider, at a minimum, the areas listed in
Attachment A, or portions thereof, for potential re-zoning to the Recommended
Wilderness (“RW”) or Back Country Non-Motorized (“BCNM”) land use zones and the
SEIS will include as a component of the proposed action, a proposal to rezone these
areas, or portions thereof, to the RW or BCNM land use zones. Additional

1 Attachment A

Barker Valley
Black Mountain
Cactus Springs B
Cedar Creek2
Cucamonga B
Cucamonga C
Dry Lakes
Eagle Peak
Fish Canyon
Fox Mountain
Garcia Mountain
Machesna Mountain
Malduce Buckhorn
No Name
Pyramid Peak A
Raywood Flat B
Red Mountain
Salt Creek
Sawmill Badlands
Sespe Frazier
Sill Hill
Spoor Canyon
Upper San Diego River Gorge2
White Ledge
West Fork

2 Cedar Creek and Upper San Diego River Gorge are areas the public has proposed for
wilderness designation recommendation and were analyzed for potential wilderness designation
recommendations in the Final EIS supporting the revised forest plans. All other areas listed in
Attachment A are IRAs.
I understand the Eviros are now using Law suites to intimidate National Forest into rewriting Land Plans, read this settlement it's a horrific precedent and I'm not even sure if the Forest Service can legally even do this, just changing a Land plan as appeasement long after the fact.

This is a dangerous precedent that could be used against the RAMP at a later time, just FYI...TJ [-X ... -filed.pdf
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