wash 10 underpass

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wash 10 underpass

Post by smkr251 »

Hello everyone as many of you have seen the wash 10 underpass has been closed off. I have talked to Jeanne at Boardmanville and the railroad wants 700,000 to make a new underpass. Ted Kipf road is off limits to atvs and there is no way to get to Boardmanville.
This to me is an atrocity. Boardmanville is an institution at the dunes!!! We already lost all that made Glamis. What Chuck Boardman
Built there was not to make him rich but to make a fun place for all to enjoy.
We all need to step up to the plate to make sure Chuck, Jeanne, Dirty Bob, Clean Jeans, Glamis Beach store and all the people that really
made this area a fun freindly destination are not thrown to the curb.
Please help preserve the Glamis that began with the founders.
If you would like to help out the cause Email me @ wberglin@hotmail.com

We really need your help!!!!!!
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by ChuckZilla »

Isn't BMV still accessible by street legal vehicle?
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by GoofyDuner »

What the hell does the RR want $700,000 for..It might take $100.000 to build a really nice underpass..I think the RR is just trying to stick it to them,and us....I say F the RR,and Keep the RR cops off our new road..I just flip them off everytime I see them comeing passed me on OUR road at 40mph....UPRR is just a bunch of liers..Even if we got the $700K ,they wouldnt build it anyway........Im very sorry for my rant and rave,but I really hate the RR,and its company..They better hope they dont need my help someday..UPRR can KISS MY ARSS
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by Woodglue »

I'm with you goofy!
why can't it stay open for free like it has been all these years?
why is a new $700k pass needed?
None of my money is going to those UPRR jerks! They have all ready cost 'us' too much!
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by Sand Commander »

I would like to hear some more details on access at Wash 10.
Better access could allow more camping on the less crowded East side of the tracks. If we had access at Wash 10 we would have a safer way to cross the RR tracks without going to Highway 78. Boardmanville can not stay in business without legal access for OHVs. They are having a tough time surviving. I do not care for the RR either, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Boardmanville.

Maybe there is a way to build some kind of access without putting money into the RR's wallet.

I don't want to doom Boarmanville to extinction without hearing all the facts.
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by ddjthomas »

What would 700k buy for and underpass? Wouldn't you still have to get within 100 feet of the RR tracks? Isn't that what why the RR closed down wash road to begin with?

Seems to me we would be better off with an OHV only type of overpass! It could have gates that would not allow people across when a train is coming.
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Re: wash 10 underpass

Post by gelwell »

Why dont they just remove the barriers they already put there? Why doesnt BMV use some or all of the money plastered all over the place? That might be a start.
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