Glamis - June 11&12

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Glamis - June 11&12

Post by krismon »

Hi there, I just logged on to the forum to hook up with some peeps in Glamis (or Ocotillo Wells) on June 11&12... u can find me on fbook using kristal monroe chaplin, ky (just so u know I'm not a crazy person ;)). We trail ride/race a lot here in Ky... I've hooked up with several people from other states to ride so I know this forum gig is a good route. I'm looking to rent a Polaris RZR (simply because I'm the most familiar with them and I will have a friend with me that isn't a 'rider' so sport bikes (which is what I typically ride... Polaris Outlaw 525) probably won’t be suitable for this trip :) Anyone know where I can get a rental and willing to show us girls around the area that weekend? Thanks bunches in advance for any info ;)

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Re: Glamis - June 11&12

Post by Glamisbound »

It will be next to impossible to find a rental IN glamis or OW this time a year as all the vendors have packed up and left for the season (they'll be back in September / October). You may be able to find someone in Brawley, Ca. or Yuma Az??!!

Although this June (all of three days) has been below normal temps, June is the real start of the summer time in the desert and is not a good time to go for your first trip, that's just my opinion, but it's based on over 25 years of desert riding.

Good luck.
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Re: Glamis - June 11&12

Post by gelwell »

If you do manage to find a rental and start riding in either the Dunes or Ocotillo Wells at this time of year. Is to have someone to ride with and take PLENTY of water. The Southern California desert in the summer time is not the woodlands of Kentucky. We lose a couple of people a year some who know better and most that dont. Be careful in the heat and stay in the shade as much as possible. The forecast is for the 90's which isn't too bad but it still hot enough to get in trouble. Make sure you rest the equipment too. The heat, sand and dust is murder on them. It's also real easy to get lost out there, having a GPS will help you from getting lost. Especially in the dunes you can get turned around and not have a clue where you are. For that reason I would refrain from a night ride. This is after 43 years of riding this desert. Just be careful and be prepared.
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