Meetings with BLM, UDG, & ICSO Sept 8, 2005

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Meetings with BLM, UDG, & ICSO Sept 8, 2005

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Bob Mason, Chairman ASA of the Board, attended the following meetings in a one-day turn around trip to El Centro from PHX.

El Centro Chamber Conference Room -- 8:30 am
UDG meeting with Imperial Valley Press staff person to review the draft of the UDG “ISDRA Welcome Newspaper.” The final draft will be approved on 9/9/05 with the initial run of 50,000 copies available for the Sand Spots Super Show (SSSS).

Meeting with BLM ECFO Manager Vicki Wood – 9:30 am
Bill Woody, BLM Director of Law Enforcement and Security, has extended an invitation to the ASA to speak at a meeting of BLM and Sheriff’s organization leadership from the western US. The topic of discussion will be “Partnership Building” with law enforcement. Nicole Gilles and Bob Mason reviewed a draft of the following briefing material prepared for the Nov 1, 2005 meeting in DC. Woody has also arranged for a meeting with BLM Director Kathleen Clarke to brief her on the recent partnership activities.

Partners in Dune Stewardship—October 2005
This is an update of the Oct 2003 and Sept 2004 reports entitled “Partners in Dune Safety.” The Oct 2005 report incorporates the past years activities and focuses on the addition of UDG and stewardship activities.

UDG in Perspective
Many questions have surfaced recently re the role of UDG and its relationship with the BLM and the duning community. This document is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Partners in Action
This PowerPoint presentation has been prepared in response to Woody’s request for a presentation by ASA summarizing partnership activities with BLM and the ICSO.

· BLM Staff will review the above documents and provide their comments. ECFO personnel have completed this task. Comments are pending from Steve Razo of the CDD office.
· BLM will assist in formatting the print ready “Partners in Dune Stewardship” Oct 2005 report. Ms. Wood offered ECFO staff support.
· Ms. Wood has cleared her calendar for the Oct 4 UDG “Roll Out” meeting in El Centro.
· BLM will identify a staff member to represent the ECFO at the Yuma Oct 5 meeting. We discussed the value of a two state coalition in the preparation of a Challenge Cost Share (CCS) proposal that may be viewed more favorably.
· Nicole will provide the agenda, time and location for the Oct 4 & 5 meetings.
· Ms. Wood will discuss the Checkered Flag program and pledge with the US Border Patrol. Will encourage BP vehicles fly the checkered flag along with the required red dune safety flag.
· Ms. Wood will consider Nicole’s request that the ISDRA be declared a “Litter Free Zone” in support of the UDG/BLM litter education program.
· Chris Knauf, ECFO Project Manager, has confirmed that he will attend the ASA Board meeting in San Diego as a guest speaker. The topic of discussion will be the BLM OHV monitoring program required in the RAMP. Neil Hamada has been invited to attend to discuss the BLM plans for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.
· Bob will continue to pursue the availability of AZ State Parks grant funds for UDG projects thru the Yuma County C of C UDG participation. Jerry Seaver learned of this opportunity through Jeff Gursh, Executive Vice President of the AZ Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition. Ken Rosevear will follow up with the BLM Yuma FO Manager and the Jon Fugate of the Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club.

Meeting with ICSO Lt Macken and Sgt McNay – 11:00 am
The above DC briefing material was reviewed. Lt Macken has subsequently reviewed the material and provided it to Sheriff Carter for his review and approval. Rick has also confirmed that the Sheriff Carter will attend the Nov 1 DC meeting.
· Sgt McNay will provide the information required to purchase weekly passes in advance for use as door prizes at the ASA Orangewood event.
· Lt Macken will identify a guest speaker for the ASA open Board meeting in San Diego on Oct 22.
· Sgt McNay will provide a photo of the ICSO law enforcement buggy with a checker flag for the DC PowerPoint.
· LT Macken will inform Sheriff Carter of the Oct 4 UDG meeting in El Centro. Nicole will follow up with a formal invitation of Sheriff Carter and Imperial County Board of Supervisors Chairman Leimgruber.

Swearing In Ceremony – 2:00 PM
Linda Hansen conducted the formal induction of Vicki L Wood as ECFO Manager. Representatives of the ISDRA TRT, UDG, ASA, and the El Central Chamber of Commerce attended.

Other Topics of Discussion
· UDG will provide a guest speaker for the Oct 22 ASA San Diego open Board meeting.
· Ken Rosevear, Cathy Kennerson and Nicole Gilles will update the invitation list for the UDG “Roll Out” meetings.
· The Oct 4 & 5 meeting invitations will be send out after the SSSS.
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