August 26 Open Board Meeting Agenda

Meetings that will help inform you, create an OHV presence, and possibly give you an opportunity to voice your opinion.

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August 26 Open Board Meeting Agenda

Post by BeachHead »

We have finalized the open board meeting agenda. We have some great guest speakers, so please put this on your calendar.

August 26, 2006
Open Board Meeting
1. Opening Business (9:00)

a. Roll Call
b. Additions to the agenda
c. Introduction of Guests

2. President’s Report (9:10)

3. Chairman’s Report (9:15)


4. Guest Presentations (9:30 AM)

a. Dave Hubbard, Ecologic
· Report on ASA legal activities
· Q & A

b. Jim Bartel, USFWS
· Delisting process
· Q & A

c. Neil Hamada, Manager, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
· BLM update
· Q & A

d. Lt. Demorst, Imperial County Sheriff’s Office
· 2006-07 Season Fee Program Management
· Permit program
· Q & A

e. ASA website update
· Website update

5. Public Comment Period (11:30)


6. Additional Public comment period if needed (1:00 PM)

7. Committee Reports

a. Legislative, Grant George
b. Biological, Grant George
c. Legal Coalition, Grant George
d. Public Safety and Education, Bob Mason


8. Committee Reports

a. Merchandise,
b. Checkered Flags
c. Endowment, Ron Scott
d. Membership, Dick Holliday
e. Newsletter
f. Business Sponsors

9. Adjournment (4:00 PM)

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Post by f-BOB »

Anything noteworthy that would warrant it's own post come out of the meeting?
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Post by Sloppyduner »

It’s own post? Perhaps. I was VERY impressed with Jim Bartel of the USFWS. Seems they have enough on their plate to fill 5 agencies. That guy can ramble off plants and animals names, where they are, there people who filed the suits. If I understood him right. They are really underfunded. And it seems like at times their hands are tied between deadlines and legislation.

There was really no time for debate with the guest speakers. I think if given two whole days with these four speakers and the amount of people in the room a major debate could have been very hot and heavy. I found it very interesting to hear all of what was said from the horses mouth.

I also got the chance to put faces to names. But as usual I've forgotten some names of the people I met. Like that tall guy with the ASA shirt. I thought he was someone else. I didn't get a chance to figure out who he was. I thought I met him at the Ontario show but it wasn't him :? Who were/are you? That's what I like about events like that. So much info and people you get overloaded. Overloaded is always way better than boring.


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f-BOB wrote:Anything noteworthy that would warrant it's own post come out of the meeting?
See this post... :P ... highlight=
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