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Vincent J Brunasso
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ASA Co-Founder • Past President
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Welcome to ISDRA Information!

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This is a forum for informational purposes only. Only factual information will be posted. Topics here are read only. Debates and questions can take place in their appropriate forums on this site. Our intent is that this is a "one stop shop" for you to get the information that matters most without having to sift through hundreds of posts - we know your time is valuable.

While a few of the ASA board read these forums, one should not expect lengthy debates from those of us that do occasionally visit these pages. We intend to post facts without comment. Facts cannot be argued into or out of existence.

We hope you understand that because we are volunteers having other activities that require our attention, questions about those facts will be fielded on a time permitting basis and not always by the same person. Should we miss a question, please feel free to PM any of us or send a direct email.

We are here to inform you, unite us all, and mobilize ourselves into a coherent, united, productive force.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to become part of our efforts. We sincerely appreciate your support and questions.
Vincent J. Brunasso
ASA Co-Founder and past president

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
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