ASA in Washington DC 7/13/05

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Vincent J Brunasso
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ASA Co-Founder • Past President
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ASA in Washington DC 7/13/05

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JULY 12 & 13, 2005

Bob Mason, ASA Chairman, and Grant George, ASA President, participated in the two-day conference co-chaired by Roy Denner of ORBA and Jack Welch of the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Purpose of the Summit
-- Support House Resources Committee Chairman Pombo’s effort to reform and update the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
-- Educate legislators about the popularity and economic importance of motorized recreation.
-- Participate in a Congressional Oversight Hearing on Motorized Recreation on Federal Lands.
-- Meet with executive management of federal agencies responsible for the management of motorized recreation opportunities.
-- Network with the participants at the Summit.

The Summit was very worthwhile in terms of formal meetings and informal networking opportunities. The OHV panel representatives were very effective. Detailed testimony, meeting notes, and attendance list will be forthcoming. Advance research and preparation of briefing materials relating to the ISDRA budget shortfall was useful. The PMV DVD and the Litter Education PSAs were well received. Thanks to all that assisted in the preparation of briefing materials.

-- Nearly 100 participants - including representatives of snowmobile, personal Watercraft, and OHV recreation.
-- Representatives from Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, and Arizona.
-- ASA leadership was supported by Dr. Phillips, Botanical and Environmental Consultant; David Hubbard, Attorney; Paul Kavinoky, Washington OHV Lobbyist; and Pete Conaty, California OHV Lobbyist.
-- ISDRA Small Business owners Mike and Michelle Gilmore (Gilmore Off-Road) and Kathy Godley (KD Cycle) attended meetings with the BLM and their congressional representatives. Gilmore Off-Road and KD Cycle joined representatives of the Arizona State Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs in a meeting with the BLM staff responsible for permit administration.
-- The United Desert Gateway (UDG) communities of Brawley, El Centro, and Yuma were represented by Nicole Gilles, UDG President.

The following is a partial list of meetings ASA had and the discussion topics:

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Craig Manson, Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks in the U.S. Department of the Interior
Julie MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks in the U.S. Department of the Interior
Randy Bowman, Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary Manson
-- Formal delivery of the resubmission of the Peirson’s milkvetch (PMV) delisting petition and DVD
-- ESA reform and update
-- ISDRA Biological Opinion (BO) & Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) implementation requirements and the associated budget shortfall.

Bureau of Land Management
William Woody, Director, Law Enforcement, Security and Protection for the Bureau of Land Management
Selma Sierra, Chief of Staff at the Bureau of Land Management
Ed Shepard, Assistant Director Renewable Resources
Scott Abdon, Sr Outdoor Recreation Specialist
Bob Ratcliffe, Deputy Manager National Recreation Program
-- UDG activity update and funding delay
-- Law Enforcement commitment to ISDRA by DC office
-- Law enforcement support of Litter Education and enforcement
-- ISDRA small business activity permits-- ISDRA budget shortfall

Department of Interior
Gale Norton, Secretary of Interior
Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Office of External Affairs
-- ESA reform and update mutual objectives
-- BLM overall funding deficit
-- ISDRA RAMP Biological Opinion implementation funding requirements
-- ISDRA specific funding shortfall
-- PMV delisting petition resubmission
-- Expression of appreciation for support of OHV recreation

Accomplishments/Action Items
-- Bill Woody supports the addition of the BLM law enforcement shield and logo on the Litter Education public service announcements (PSAs).
-- Selma Sierra will follow up regarding the delay of UDG Task Order matching funds.
-- Paul Kavinoky will draft a letter for Congressman Hunter, Pombo, and Filner’s signature supporting increased BLM appropriations for the ISDRA.
-- ISDRA small business owners presented their concerns regarding the RAMP and vendor permit process to BLM and their congressional representatives.
-- Gained usefully insight regarding the submission of additional information in support of the PMV delisting petition.
Vincent J. Brunasso
ASA Co-Founder and past president

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