Deputies to log sand dunes vehicles this weekend

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Deputies to log sand dunes vehicles this weekend

Post by Crowdog »

Deputies to log sand dunes vehicles this weekend
Sand Scorpions fear off-road riders will be scared away

By Erik Olson
Herald staff writer

Motorcycle riders and campers looking to enjoy Memorial Day weekend at the Sand Dunes south of Moses Lake will have to log their vehicles with Grant County sheriff's deputies at the entrance.
But members of a local off-road vehicle group fears the registrations could make for long lines and less security in an already crowded environment.
Chief Deputy John Turley said the goal is to make all drivers of vehicles responsible for all the members of their party. For example, if a man takes his truck and plans to meet his grown children later to camp and ride the off-road vehicles, then sheriff's deputies will be less intrusive with people coming in and out of the dunes.
About 10 to 15 deputies will be at both the east and west entrances, Turley said, and more will be stationed at the Beverly dunes.
Almost all available deputies, plus reserves, posse members and the Explorers -- local high schoolers who will help with the license plate numbers -- will be working during the weekend, Turley said.
"What we're going to try to do is manage chaos," he said.
But Rich Archer, a member of the off-road vehicle group the Sand Scorpions, fears the process will take too long. In a letter written to Sheriff Frank De Trolio and Grant County Commissioners Tim Snead, Leroy Allison and Deborah Moore, Archer said that the logging of vehicles will create long lines and encourage off-road riders to camp elsewhere.
The amount of manpower devoted to the registrations will take from patrolling the dunes for lawbreakers, Archer wrote.
Peny Archer, Rich Archer's wife and a member of the Sand Scorpions, said she has already received calls from Idaho from people who usually come to dunes but won't this year because of the registration.
Peny Archer said the dunes are a good tourist attraction for the community and to discourage their use takes dollars away from local businesses.
"It's like having Old Faithful in your backyard," she said.
Turley said the goal of the sheriff's office is not to scare away off-road riders but to account for who is there. Problems usually arise when kids show up only to party, drink and fight, Turley said.
"We want them to help us so we can help them have a good time," he said.
Anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people could be at the dunes this weekend. Turley said in the past, he remembers dealing with a drunken man walking into a bonfire and accidental fatalities superseded by alcohol consumption.
And he hopes to avoid the same this year.
"Our intention this year is to stay out of the way unless they need us to be there," he said.
Peny Archer said the sheriff's office has tried similar methods in the past, and they haven't worked. And she fears this one won't either.
"We feel that it's very detrimental to the economy," she said. ... s&str=3013

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Post by SandTazzem »

Well i didn't see any cops at the entrance because i set camp Thursday around noonish by the lake. I must say that for what the Grant County Sherrif's Dept has to deal with they were all very professional as always. Even took away a guy who lives 3 blocks away from me for DWI, riding W/O a helmet, oh and a FTA (failure to appear). Can you say dumba$$. :roll:

I saw many cool rails and got to talk to alot of cool people. Except for the fact that i blew up my motor the first night out it was a good couple of days. I left Saturday morning quit depressed. :(

When i got home i found out my cousin has a built 2400 cc he will GIVE to me. He has papers on the build and i know of the guy who did the work. Chromoly crank, 930 Porsche shroud, 44 IDF Kadrons, Fuel cooling boxes (dry ice type), and all the stuff for a 200+ HP motor. All he needs is some side work to fix some wiring crap in his house. :wink:

Well i plan to go to Sandlakes on the 4th (need to get those reservations now) and see how much damage i can do. I love Moses Lake but i absolutely cannot stand the ash and dust. It gets everywhere. :x


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